Monday, 16 November 2015

    October Favourites

    October has been a very busy month for Split the City; every day has been a build up to Nikki's awesome Halloween party, which you'll see more of in both our faves bellow!
    Alongside that we've been doing the usual - gallivanting around London town like we own the place.

    Nikki's Favorites

    1. Halloween  
    This was going to be a given to feature on my Ocotober favorites. I love Halloween so much, the decorating, the fancy dress and the sweets are all winners for me. I decided this year to throw a house party and we had so much fun. I may have gone slightly overboard with decorations, but places like Wilko, John Lewis and Poundland were perfect for picking up bits to decorate the house with. I am not the most arty person going, but after scrolling through Pintrest and getting some ideas for snacks, I had to give them a go!

    2. Bluebird Chelsea
    My sister and I headed to Bluebird which I have always loved, I used to work there in my second year of living in London so will always love this place due to the memories. However the food and service is wonderful. At Bluebird you can either sit upstairs in the main restaurant which is a more formal vibe or downstairs in the cafe which is slightly more relaxed and with an outdoor seating area which is perfect for the summer but not ideal with this miserable English weather. I went for the Burata and the Chicken and Mushroom Pie for my main whilst my sister opted for Scallops for starter and the Duck for main. The food as always was delicious and the atmosphere on a Saturday lunch was buzzy and a great vibe. 

    3. Exciting News 
    Now for some very exciting news, my sister is engaged. Whilst we were at Bluebird her lovely now finance was off buying her engagement ring and popped the question the next day at the first place they ever met - how very romantic! If you're an original reader or have read my first ever post on this blog it was on my '2015 bucket list' so I am very happy as is she. So congratulations to the happy couple! 

    4. Borough Market 
    I have always loved this place and might have even spoken about it before in a post. However I cannot tell you enough to go and visit if you haven't already. Even before I moved to London when I came at the weekends for trips with my family that would always be a place we would try visit. Thinking from back them to it now it has become incredibly popular and very busy so be prepared to bustle crowds! It holds a very unique stratosphere and all the traders are passionate and extremely knowledgeable about the products they are selling. 

    5. Buti Yoga 
    I attend a yoga class once a week and I love it. As well as my usual heading to the gym at least 3 times a week I include a yoga class to find my inner zen - kind of! Don't be fooled by the name. Buti yoga is nothing to do with your Booty. Taking from the wonderful humans a Gymbox they describe it as 'A movement practice that fuses power yoga, tribal dance and plyometrics into a high-intensity workout that transforms the body, training the core using the Spiral Structure technique.'  It sure makes you feel super worked out and at the same time sending positive energy. 

    Martha's Picks
    1. White Cube, Bermondsey
    I'm getting more and more impressed with Bermondsey every time I pass through it; a great food market right next to a great exhibition centre? Ideal day out!
    The White Cube in Bermondsey is a really stunning space; very minimal and chic (the interior is very literally a white cube), so there's no distractions from the art. 
    The current exhibition is by Robert Irwin called 2x2x2x2. His use of light and diffraction is all designed to alter how you see your surroundings - to trick your eyes out of their normal habits. I found it really stunning.
    The other great things about White Cube is that it's always free! Such a treat to have such innovative art accessible to everyone.

    2. Said in Soho
    People have been banging on at me to get myself over to Said for a while now. I think my sweet tooth is public knowledge. Well I went, and their hot chocolates live up to the hype. I won't bang on about it, because you just need to go! 

    3. Getting into the Spooky Spirit
    I guarantee you this will also feature on Nikki's list (we don't write together), but her party was insane! I usually go out on Halloween, but never before have I been so swept up in the excitement. This year changed that! It's great to feel like a kid in fancy dress again! And Nikki went all out with the decorations - they were a definite treat (or trick!).

    4. The Artworks / Elephantastic Pizza
    Foolishly do not have a photo to show you guys how amazing and HUGE this pizza is....seriously it's the size of my butt. And their veggie options are delightful, to the point that even my non-veggie guests opt to nick my slices too. They also offer gluten free pizza bases. Basically; the pizza is good, the surroundings are awesome (The Artworks deserves more recognition as something great) and the pizza is good....wait did I already say that? Oh well.

    5. Winter is Coming (not a GoT reference)
    Winter may be a surprising one to feature here for me....I live in fear of the cold. I'm one of those awful humans that, as soon as it hits October, all I can talk about is how much of a chill is in my bones.'s such a wonderful excuse to treat yourself to cakes (need that extra insultation) and who doesn't love layering fashion.

    Winter is fun in that it is cosy. Snuggling up by a fire with a hot chocolate? It's Love Actually in real life, or The Holiday. I love it!

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