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    September Favourites

    Oh my days! How awful have we been this month with the blog? We've just been so insanely busy; as Split the City we did our first ever bloggers holiday in Paris, and in between that and work we've both had mental schedules!

    This October we're going to be back on track and keep you up to date with all our happenings; including throwing a kick-butt Halloween party.
    Here are out September favorites:

    Martha's Favorites

    1. One Direction
    Believe, including this in my favorites is surprising no one more than me! Half an hour before the end of my shift one day I get a text from Katrina, ambiguously asking my plans for the evening. Long story short....turns out she'd managed to acquire VIP tickets to this 1D gig, and we were sat in the friends and family box?!

    Honestly....I'm not a directioner (please don't hate me), and I found it really odd to watch such a huge stage not filled up with instruments and equipment. But the four boys (still learning their name) put on a damn good show, and seemed genuinely appreciative of their fans and their fame. 
    Plus - credit where credit's due - totally in love with 'Drag Me Down.'

    2. Lashes of London
    What a great boutique brand! At any event I want to feel like myself, but also dress for the occasion.
    This dress is perfectly quirky, and smart too; ideal for my cousins wedding, which I attended this month, up in Dundee. The tiny details (such as the neon binding) are such a treat, and I was very impressed with the fabrics and how well the metallic skirt traveled in a luggage bag. 
    Will definitely be shopping there again!

    3. Politics
    Trying very hard to not drag the blog into any political affiliation... What I mean by including politics in my monthly favourites is that - with all of the many crisis in the moment - seeing people get so involved and interested, regardless of which side you come down on, is wonderful.
    I've always been interested in politics, since school really, and to me it's baffling that it isn't taught as an obligatory subject in UK curriculum. So, this month especially, it's been really wonderful to see people - especially young people - stand up and demand their voice be listened to.

    4. The Natural Kitchen
    I'm a strict have I not included this before?! My veggie partner in crime is usually my dearest Katrina (please refer to her lovely face in favourite number 1), and she and I had decided to grab a coffee after work. Of course this ended in a full on dinner...
    I opted to indulge in my trusted favourite - homemade Nachos - whilst Katrina wisely picked their famous halloumi burger. Everything was, of course, delicious. And a perfect place to eat out when you're trying to eat healthy - being on a PERMANENT diet should not affect your social life.

    5. Goth Chic
    Autumn and winter are the perfect seasons to take things a little darker... Even in my embarrassing youth, I leaned toward the Emo tendencies over any other clique. It's fun to get a bit gothic sometimes...right?!
    My Illamasqua black lipstick is now in permanent use, and I do get a lot of comments on my Ragged Priest coat, if I do say so myself. With great gothic style icons floating around at the moment, like Lorde and Rooney Mara, it's hard not to get into the Halloween spirit. 

    Nikki's Favorites

    September has been an crazy month and October came round so quick. I love October because it really starts to feel like autumn and I love Halloween!! Anyway time to get on with my favorites. 

    1. Birchbox 

    So as I've recently move into a new apartment and I am living alone I have decided to try tighten up my spendings and try budget a little better. Anyone who knows me I am terrible with budgeting and when pay day comes around I splash out. Birchbox is perfect to help me not spend for the sake of it. You pay a monthly subscription - I have subscribed for 6 months and each month a lovely little box arrives at your door full of little goodies. I'm on my second month now and I love it.  I love discovering new brands and trying out new products brands I already know and love. The boxes are packaged beautifully and they get some really great brands. Every month I am so excited to receive the package and the hype of boxes of goodies doesn't stop their the food boxes are the next thing on my list to try!

    2. Beauty events

    September has seen me fall in love with beauty and make up. I am forever scrolling through beauty blogs, watching make up tutorials and trying out new looks. I have also  been attending a few beauty events which were so fantastic. The first one was an collaboration with Glamour Magasine and Urban Decay at their store in Covent Garden. The lovely beauty editor of Glamour Magasine Alessandra Steinherr gave a wonderful Q&A and revealed what she thought we should expect to see at LFW which began the following day. We also got an awesome little goody bag of Urban Decay treats which I have fallen in love with each and every one of them.  The other event I loved was at Chanel. Chanel will forever have a place in my heart, it is such a classic brand that I have always loved. I met the incredible make up artist that is Zoe Taylor and was lucky enough for her to demonstrate one of her hot make up looks for this season. I love all Chanel make up products, and I discovered their new mascara Le Volume Ultra Noir De Chanel. Which if you have not yet got your hand on, you must!! I'm hoping my love for make up sill continue and you may even see a few make up posts creeping up on the blog. 

    3. Pop ups in London 

    We all by now know how ace London is. And what makes it better is we have these random pop ups across the city that get you to try something new, something cool and quirky. During September as a birthday gift to a very close friend we headed to Alcoholic Architecture. This is where you inhale alcohol, sounds crazy right? It was such a cool concept. It obviously wasn't going to make you tipsy and it was equal to a double gin and tonic! I am a strong believer in having fun and trying new things so this was the perfect opportunity and I would recommend anyone (18+ haha) to go. I wonder what's next, London? 

    Martha and I usually offer one another advice finished with an epic quote. Which just backs up what you're saying and makes you happy! On Twitter I have to refrain from retweeting every quote I see, that either match a situation I am going through or just make me laugh/I agree with them. I thought I'd show you a few quotes that I have been loving during September. 

    5.  My other half of Split the City
    Without going into detail the past few months have been rough for both of us for different reasons but what's made it all better is having each other every step of the way. Our get away to Paris on our first bloggers holiday couldn't have been timed better. Martha and I have been friends since we were six and although as you have probably worked out we are incredibly different. I don't know what I would do without her! So I guess what you can take from this is having a good friendship is so important and even if you're going though a difficult time, be happy knowing they will be there every step of the way!

    Lots of love,
    Split the City x


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