Wednesday, 14 October 2015

    A Greenwich Type of Day

    I am fortunate enough to live in walking distance of, the very beautiful, Greenwich. So this most recent cold winters morning, I dragged myself away from my electric blanket - wrapped myself in my cape - and set off for a lovely little adventure. 
    (I love how tiny I look in this pic...I'm 5ft 9).

    There are so many great treasures to be found in Greenwich market (foolishly forgot to take a photo of their stunning entrance)...and there's so many markets! It's got something for everyone; there's a vintage section, there are book sellers, and there's the unrivaled foodie heaven.
    I bought myself an amazing veggie scotch egg from The Handmade Scotch Egg Company - I think it was Indian spiced? I can't quite remember but it was heavenly. And I found their staff to be really helpful, especially when I explained I was veggie but really not after anything basic or bland. I was not disappointed; they really listened to me and made great, helpful suggestions.
    I ate underneath this stunning sight:

    The streets are lined with quaint stores, and I, being the bookish bad ass I am, ended up in Waterstones. Finally got around to purchasing Mindy Kaling's first book, 'Is Everybody Hanging Out Without Me?' I'm now half way through and I have to say it is hilarious.

    I really love winter, actually I'm much more of a winter person that I am a Summer one. But even I, after a few hours of wandering by the Thames, was beginning to feel a chill in my bones. So I briskly walked back to my house and settled into this dreamy scene (showing off my newly purchased book too):

    The whole day, as one, was just idyllic, and really made me feel totally zen. I reckon London's chaos is escapable sometimes, you've just got to make a point of finding your corner.

    Where do you find your chill in the big city? ... M x


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