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    August Favourites

    First things first, we are sorry this is late! August has been an amazingly busy month for both of us here at Split the City; Nikki has finally shacked up in her new flat, and Martha's been hitting the gym hard in preparation for September's family wedding + the blogs first holiday!

    Blog wise we were treated to some beautiful theatre at Canada Water Culture Space, and had such a blast at Regents Street's newest store launch party.

    There's going to be plenty to natter on about in September (Paris!!!), but for now here's what we've been loving in August:

    Martha's Picks:
    1. Anatomicals 

    Keep an eye out for a slightly more in depth post about these cheeky beauty products a little later on in the month. But just as a quick overview: their taglines/product names are hilarious and punchy, and their products are divine. My personal favourite is Grease Isn't The Word (Tell Me More, Tell Me More) Mattifying Face Mask. I'm fortunate in that I don't particularly suffer from greasy skin, but this mask really helped me feel more hydrated and smooth.

    2. Maltby Street Market
    I just like food. Food glorious food. So it makes perfect sense that Maltby Street Market is where I belong in life. There's wonderful wine to be tasted, as well as the glorious Cheese Truck.A personal highlight for me, and my sweet tooth, was Waffle On, who just have the most indulgent, decadent creations on offer. Lining the alley are also bizarre antique shops with clutter and jewels. It's like walking through Wonderland.

    3. Live Music
    I totally forget the sheer euphoria I feel when I watch live music; it's truly good for the soul.
    This month I saw Flogging Molly, a celtic band, in Norwich with my Dad; my dad actually playing in a celtic band (Band from County Hell) when I was very young, so there's something about that genre of music that gets into my heart. It was a really joyous night, with a non stop mosh pit, and strong support from Beans On Toast. If you look hard enough you'll always find free music in London, and that's something I need to begin doing better!

    4. Boozy Brunches
    It says it in the title...who doesn't love boozing?! Who doesn't love brunch?! Of course they're the ideal things to combine. I followed in the footsteps of Millie Mackintosh and, bravely venturing west, I loved my Prosecco & Eggs combo at Nell's Deli. Staying closer to home, I can't speak highly enough of The Orchard in Brockley; cocktails made well enough to be served in the West End, and a vegetarian breakfast so good I could eat it daily. Go South East London!!

    5. Autumn
    By far my favourite month! I love the ways the trees alter their colours and suddenly become more cinematic and beautiful, I love layering fashion and I love the excuse the cold gives me to drink more hot chocolates. I know there's going to be plenty of great things coming our way across this season!

    Nikki’s Favorites

    1. Maybelline Nakd Palette
    I am a true lover of a good eyeshadow palette and Mayberline have not let me down.  The colours are all so beautiful and you have so many options to play with. The size of it to is great if you want to take it out with you, which I do always! My favourite shade in here would have to be the golden shade. The palette works in sections so you have lots of options to work with.  Quads, Trios or Duos. This is a great high-street buy and some really beautiful make up looks can be created with it. 

    2. Avocado
    So this one maybe slightly random but who cares!!! I cannot get enough of Avocado and what's even better is it is great for you. I'm one of those people who reads up a lot on the benefits of different foods and avocados have. 

    My favorite thing has got to be Poached egg with avocado on sour dough toast. I mean, who doesn't love that? Coming close second my favorite is Kallo organic Crackers, with a spread of Vegemite (could do marmite) topped with sliced avocado. I have that most mornings - you should try it! Sometimes I add a few chili flakes because who knew? Avocado with Chili is delicious.

    3. Homeware Hauls/Pinterest
    So, as you're reading this I'm moving into my new apartment which I am super super excited for. I have been enjoying spending my evenings scrolling through Pinterest to get interior inspirations. My new apartment is unfurnished so it's been a big task! I adore Pinterest and could spend hours on there. Check my profile out here.

    Also in regards to moving I've been endlessly watching YouTube videos of homeware hauls which have been so much fun to watch, if you click their names you can watch - a few of my favorites were Loved by Steph and Fashion Mumblr. 

    4. Suits
    I recommend all my friends to watch this, therefore you must watch this too. If you love a good law based drama - Suits is awesome and will tick all the boxes. Season 1 - 3 is on Netflix and Season 4 is now on Amazon. Gabriel Macht plays Harvey Specter so what better reason to watch it - okay surely I am not the only one who finds him attractive? 

    5. Hugens - Le Gommage Visage 
    This French product is the dream! I received a sample of this in my Birchbox and wow was I impressed. This month has been busy for me, lots going on, lots of stress and I have had a little break out of spots - which lucky me is pretty unusual. I follow a good skincare routine but I have to be honest and admit recently I have let it slip. This however is a game changed,  it is £17.90 for a pot and I am sure it has magic dust. This is a very gentle face scrub with sesame oil and green tea!? It left my skin feeling soft and smooth and it has helped take down my little outbreak! 10/10 from me. 

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