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    Split the City meets Rosey Posey Creations

    Here is a post you don't want to miss! Some of our favourite posts are those that introduce you to lesser known brands that you SHOULD know about and Rosey Posey Creations is definitely that. We wanted to introduce you to Rosey Posey Creations so you can find out a bit more about then! Here are a few of our pressing questions the lovely claire answer for us... 

    What's your top 3 festival essentials? 
    A Rosey Posey Headband, baby wipes and dry shampoo!

    Favourite item you stock?
    Ooo our floral crowns are a firm favourite of mine- I wear them all the time!


    Why Floral Headbands? 
    When we started in December 2012 we were making woolen winter headbands with a lace embellishment and rose. They did really well so when the weather got warmer we had to re think our collection. We took the rose from the winter headband and it just kind of developed into a headband! Then people started saying they would be fantastic for bridesmaids and flower girls so we started branching out into flower crowns, hair combs, clips and fascinators. Floral headbands are so popular with people of all ages - you can wear them to a festival, on your big day or just as an extra accessory to brighten up your everyday outfit. And especially as we can make you a bespoke creation, it makes you feel like you have something special which you can keep to wear forever.

    When visiting London, would you choose East or West? 
    Ooo I do love going to the West but equally I love all the shops and bars in the East- so I couldn't possibly choose one!

    Best moment in Rosey Posey Creations history?
    When Stephen Fry tweeted about us to his 5 million followers :)

    If Split the City could be a flower, what flower would they be?
    A daisy!

    If Rosey Posey could be a flower, what flower would they be?
    Definitely a pink rose

    Where is Rosey Posey Creations going in the future?
    We just want to keep doing what we are doing and continue to make beautiful bespoke hair accessories for reasonable prices. We love doing photo shoots and films so hope to keep doing that! We are going to London tomorrow to film another fashion film with Carys Watford. This one is being filmed at the Naval College at Greenwich and there is going to be a really fun girly element to it and our models are also going to be mixing it up with some ballet! We're so excited! 

    Sum up Rosey Posey Creations in just three words
    Floral fabulous fun

    Rosey Posey Creations were also kind enough to send us their beautiful Blue Rose Garland headband, here are some summery shots of Nikki styling it. 

    If you want to find more about Rosey Posey's products be sure to head over to their website In the meantime to see more take a look at this beautifully shot video:

    'Rosey Posey Creations' Fashion Film from Carys Watford on Vimeo.

    We hope you enjoyed this Split the City meets style post and an introduction to Rosey Posey Creations. 

    What's your festival essentials? What your favorite Rosey Posey Creations headband? 

    Lots of Love,
    Nikki x 

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