Wednesday, 5 August 2015

    POMP | The Mostly Everything People ★★★★

    Pomp's an actual word - I didn't know that - it means 'ceremony and splendid display', but now it makes a lot of sense to me. The Mostly Everything People were kind enough to invite us to their production of Pomp at Canada Water Culture Space. It was marvelous.

    Both Nikki and I did as little research into the production as possible, prior to going in, so we could enter with an open mind and heart. What I did establish was that The Mostly Everything People are a dance theatre company and has been going since 2008.
    First off, let me say what a great space the Canada Water Culture Space is; and the fact that they're hosting daring, alternative work like POMP is commendable, especially at a time when West End shows struggle to sell without a celebrity name attached.

    I profess zero expertise in dance/theatre, and have a tendency to find more out-there pieces a little intimidating; like modern art, what do you say if you simply don't get it? Thankfully POMP was accessible and welcoming to a novice audience.
    The individuals performers moved wonderfully, and their story-telling skills were outstanding; using just their movements, and facial expressions (text was kept to a bare minimum). Humour was found in the most simplest of ways, and relationships were explained with sighs and dance. Nothing like I have seen before.
    What I understood from it, or maybe the better turn-of-phrase is, what I took from it, was the necessity of people to people. We need each other.
    We need each other to laugh, to experience fear and comfort, to feel joy and celebrate. The more bizarre portions of the performance occurred when the performers were alone; from the barmaids breakdown to the fragmented monologue toward the end. We need each other to stay sane.

    This performance of POMP was a one off, and the company are now mulling over what to develop and do with it next. My suggestion is that, as proud as I was to have a daring piece of dance theatre showcased in south east London, it needs to go somewhere and be seen by more people.
    Something this good deserves to be shared.

    ...M x


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    Mike B said...

    I totally agree! I'm a dance theatre novice too but felt totally drawn in and uplifted by this moving performance. It was funny and deep - I didn't want it to stop. Like everyone else I saw, I left the theatre smiling. I really hope this show goes on tour and reaches a wider audience who deserve to see it in all it's glory!

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