Thursday, 6 August 2015

    July Favorites

    Okay, so if someone can answer the mysterious question of where on earth did July go? It seemed to fly by! We've both been super busy with work as well as Nikki searching for a flat and Martha being an awesome bestie and homeware shopping to help Nikki find things to fill said flat! Surprising as you know our tastes are very different but in the hunt for homeware it's coming together!

    Also Nikki has found a lovely apartment and will be moving at the end of the month. So if you love homeware as much as we do, keep yours eyes peeled for a homeware haul.

    Martha's Favourites:

    1. Free People
    I came across Free People on ASOS, and have totally fallen for their hippy, laid back style. The ensembles they put together are effortless, and boho celebs like Perrie Edwards are dedicated fans. The pieces are pricey, considering it can all be worn casually, but you're paying for the quality and beauty of the items. My current favourite item is this black maxi.

    2. Motivational Quotes
    I don't trust humans who don't like a good motivational quote; I could trawl through Pinterest for hours on end looking for the perfect, empowering sentence. And now, I've got into the wonderful habit, of finding print for my room. This awesome print below is from The Motivated Type and I adore it!

    3. Westwoood!!! Hip Hops Return to my Heart. 
    You may have noticed in our Twitter, that I am totally in love with my job. I work as a receptionist for a company that's so good to their staff!
    Last week, after of run of different staff events, the last was a DJing masterclass with none other than TIM WESTWOOD. Yes. The man, the myth, the legend. He's everything you expect him to be - pure jokes essentially. I felt genuinely starstruck; I grew up listening to Westwood in the car! But the man really knows what he's talking about, and he really reignited my love of hip hop; the humour and the anger. Long live Westwood!

    4. Pineapples and the Sun
    It's hard not to fall in love in the Sun; fall in love with friends, strangers, food, and for me...pineapples. The pineapple emoji is by far the most used on my phone and I'm totally okay with that. Pineapple just feel like summer! And they're cropping up everywhere. Most recently? My headphones from Paperchase.
    Basically, the sun makes me very happy and fruity, may it live forever and ever!

    5. Indian Food  
    Right, yes, I know it's obvious. There is never one moment that passes by that wouldn't be made significantly better with a Vegetable Bhuna. But this month in particular I found myself in Brick Lane twice for some good foodie delights. Just last Saturday I was at the Kings Cross branch of Dishoom - it looks like its stepped straight out of a Wes Anderson movie, and their South Indian menu makes me drooooool. Definitely recommend.

    Nikki's Favorites:

    1. Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker

    I may have mentioned this one before but I am so in love with it. It wears so well and will last for around 6-8 hours on my lips so I would definitely describe it as long lasting. The colour I wear is the Charm Offensive. I love it because you can wear it with your everyday look or pair it with a smokey eye look it works great for going out.

    2. Online Shopping

    So in the intro we let you know I've been loving for apartments and big yays as I have found a lovely place and it's still local to where I am currently living which is ideal! A new place always calls for shopping and as much as I enjoy heading into the shops, I always forget how dreamy online shopping is. One plus is your don't have to carry the shopping and it get delivered. It's perfect haha. A few places I have been loving especially for homeware is John Lewis, Marks and Spencer's,, H&M, Urban Outfitters and Oliver Bonas(how could I miss them off). Like I mentioned above keep yours eyes peeled this time next month for a homeware haul.

    3. Mini Roller

    This ones really random but something I wish I discovered ages ago. One of my pet hates is when your wearing a really pretty outfit but it picks up lots of 'bits' - dust etc. At home I have a regular size lint roller but that's not easy to carry around. So I invested in a mini version which fits inside my handbag. It's perfect especially on black items of clothing when it can be quite visible and keeps your outfit look fresh and clean!

    4. Buzzfeed

    So this one is a given, I mean who doesn't love Buzzfeed? It just is such a great website you could spend forever on. The quizzes are hilarious some obviously very American so don't always make so much sense to me. I love a good list so posts with just lists are my favorite. The website is simple but it works and it is just full to the brim with reading material.

    5. La Petit Maison

    I went here with one of my wonderful best friends Tom and his lovely mum. We had perfect evening full of delicious food and my favourite - champagne! La Petit Maison is located just off Regents Street behind Claridges. It has an outdoor selection of tables if you fancy some Al Fresco dining as well as a beautiful inside dining room. The idea with this restaurant is you share, however Tom and I don't do sharing well, the only thing I managed to share was the dessert! For my starter I had the most beautiful Burrata I have ever had, for mains I had Grilled Tiger Prawns  and dessert I went for Creme Brûlée. The staff were wonderful, the ambiance was on point and the company was perfect. It was a fantastic place to start a weekend and I will be going back for sure. 


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