Wednesday, 12 August 2015

    Frank's Cafe

    Sometimes, as a blogger, there are certain topics you feel an obligation to write about. I'm 100% in love with South East London; Peckham holds a special place in my heart so it simply wouldn't be right to not do a post about Frank's Cafe.

    Frank's Cafe is a rooftop bar in Peckham - sounds pretty standard right? The catch is the bar is on the top layer of a multi story car park (the one just behind the PeckhamPlex), and this means that it's vast in space and got some great views. 
    Genuinely one of the most bizarre walks to a bar entrance I've ever done; you're literally wondering through a car park wondering what the hell is going on, and if, in fact, someone is just messing around having told you about this place.
    Here's Mutay demonstrating our ascent:

    I don't know why, but I hadn't expected it to be as vast as it was. The space is HUGE. A third of it is equipped with long canteen-style tables, whilst the rest of the space is left to its own devices, with a few stool-like-things scattered around. We went during a Saturday daytime, but  I'm told that come evening you're still fighting for space, despite how massive it is. 
    The car park thing is something people may label a 'hipster novelty' but really, what's wrong with that? It's harmless, and it's fun, and it gives you some stunning views (that I photographed quite poorly after a G&T):

    We only had a plate of hummus and pitta - so not really enough to review their food offerings - but their prices were reasonable and portion sizes were generous.
    They'd capitalized on the sunny spell by dedicating a section of the bar solely to Pimms jugs - a wonderfully British way to celebrate the beams of light pouring onto everyone. 
    I had a simple Gin and Tonic, whereas Mutay went slightly more adventurous with a Dark & Stormy; made quickly, but it did the job and tasted good!

    Basically, a round of applause for Frank's. It's a true Peckham staple and is consistently delivering smiles to residents and hipsters alike. Long live the multi-story car park bar!

    I want to see more views. Which rooftop bar should I visit next? ...M x


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    Anonymous said...

    I love dark and stormy cocktails and your shorts Martha

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