Thursday, 9 July 2015

    Top 5 Places to Cool Down in London

    Us Londoners have to lap up any sun we can get, and this current heatwave has all the sun worshipers out in full force. However, we all know how blissful it feels to cool down for a few hours, and here's the top five places to do just that, in London:

    1. Brockwell Lido
    I spent my Saturday morning here very recently, and it was stunning. We arrived around midday, and had to wait half an hour in the queue (which I'm told can build to stretch right around the lido) but it was so worth it! The sheer elation you feel plunging into the cold water is so refreshing that you'll want to stay in their for hours. One thing that pleasantly surprised me was how clean it was! To me, outdoor pools, conjure up images of soggy leaves and muddy changing rooms, but this place is very well looked after so you can truly enjoy it.

    2. SpaLondon
    I've been head over heels for this place ever since I was, very kindly, invited to try out their facilities in Kensington, which you can read all about here. Although this might be a rather eccentric way to get a few hours out of the sun, their thermal spa comes equipped with a plunge pool, ice fountain and monsoon showers; perfect for a quick fix cool down.  

    3. Ali Baba Juice
    I will, forever be, championing Peckham, I swear it on my life. Everyone gives South East London a bad rep, but it's one of the most stunning, and diverse, areas in the city. Ali Baba opened in the beginning of last year and has been going strong ever since (this year they've opened a snack bar in the phenomenal Bold Tendencies). Their juice combinations are truly original, and you always get service with a smile in this tucked-away gem. 

    4. The Waiting Room, Deptford
    Deptford might be another hard sell, but with this place, and the Big Red Pizza Bus parking up, I'd say it's a place to look out for. The Waiting Room sells vegan milkshakes, VEGAN MILKSHAKES PEOPLE. And they taste like dreams. Plus, it has a later licence meaning once the sun dips down, the cocktails come out! The staff do a damn good job of keeping this place popular, and consistently serve you great food and drink, so remember to say thank you!

    5. Chillbox, Brixton
    Frozen yoghurt rocks! I find being a foodie a little tricky in summer, because you don't want to be weighed down by anything to heavy, but you can't live off drinks and salads the whole season. Chillbox is placed smack in the middle of Brixton Village and, aided by the cool packaging, it's just really good. You can pick from array of toppings, and it's still relatively cheap when you compare it to central FroYo establishments. 

    Where are your favourite places to hide from the sun? ...M x


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