Tuesday, 7 July 2015

    Three in One Theatre Review

    I adore theatre and I used to make sure I watched at least two pieces of theatre a month. With a very busy 2015 this slipped but I'm back and so pleased to be too!

    The shows I saw were three very different pieces of theatre but all wonderful in there own way.

    How to Kill a Mockingbird | The Barbican 

    First things first, the Barbican is a beautiful, breath taking venue that just oozes creativity so if you enjoy that creative buzz I couldn't recommend you enough to visit! However I felt this production would have suited a slightly smaller theatre, to give it that more intimate vibe. That aside the theatre was full and the audience loved it and went on the journey necessary. Harper Lee's novel was so well written I knew I would enjoy it on stage so long the director didn't do anything crazy. And he didn't, what he did was magnificent to watch and it was so well acted. All the actors stayed on stage through the entirety of the performance and read the novel on the side of the stage. This is a style that is very much inspired by Brecht! I've seen it before in a brilliant production of 'Under the Milk Wood' directed by a good friend of mine Alastair McPhail starring my wonderful best friend Emma Collier. All the music was performed by the actors on stage and I loved every minute of it in that and I loved it just as much in 'to Kill a Mockingbird'.

    The children were outstanding. It is so exciting to see great child actors and to know they (hopefully) are going to have such a bright future ahead of them. They helped take the audience on a journey and really portrayed the children so well. Atticus Finch played by Robert Sean Leonard was a delight to watch which such a strong commitment to the character leveled with a truthful emotional journey. In fact, each and every member of that cast was outstanding and I can put my hand on my heart and tell you it was the best piece of theatre I have seen in a long time. It is running until 25th July 2015. So try get some tickets. You don't want to miss this! 

    Bend it Like Beckham | Phoenix Theatre 

    This was a Friday night date night surprise for Dejon. He isn't a hugeeee fan on theatre and would much prefer to go for dinner but that day I'd been for a big lunch so didn't fancy eating out for dinner too. He enjoys the experience of going to the theatre and enjoys seeing comedy or something guys would like too! I'd just read the Evening standard review of the show the night before and thought why not. 

    When I first heard that the Phoenix Theatre would be getting 'Bend it Like Beckham' I was very apprehensive. I loved the 2004 film starring Kiera Knightly and I didn't want a musical version to ruin that! However this production was brilliant. It isn't going to be better than Wicked, Les Miserables and all those classic West End Musicals but it certainly is executed to a high level. With some very catchy songs and some very thought through stage design and lighting design. It was the full feel good package. I would recommend you to see this and it is one for all adults I think. Besides the wonderful performance of Natalie Dew. One particular stand out performance and that was of Rekha Sawhney. Her singing voice was awe inspiring, I have never been amazing at singing but the way Rekha sang those traditionally Indian songs really gave me goosebumps! Bend it Like Beckham is playing at the Phoenix Theatre until October 2015.

    Hang | Royal Court Theatre 

    Monday evening I saw Hang at the Royal Court theatre after managing to get £10 tickers in the Stalls!!!!! I was so excited. Every Monday they release day tickets from 9am on there website. You have to be quick but it does really exist! 

    Hang is directed by the talented Debbie Tucker Green and is only a three person cast. The play is intense, running for only 1 hour and ten minutes you feel on the edge of your seat dying to know the crime that was committed. And what's great... you don't find out, the clues given along the way leave many options open so it's impossible to know. However, you leave the theatre and you can't stop thinking about it. And that is truly what I feel a good play is all about. I've seen Marianne Jean-Baptiste in televisions roles mainly so to see her debut at the Royal Court was great and she held that strong, powerful emotion throughout, she wowed the audience with the pain she was going thought and kept us on the edge of our seats  to hear her decision. The style script helped tremendously with the two other members of the cast who played inspectors/police officials. Their performance eased the difficult situations touched and even made it sometime comical for members of the audience which felt rather dark when methods of execution were being discussed. I loved this play from start to finish. I recommend you to go watch, it is running until Saturday 18th July. 

    What play show should I see next? Have you seen any of the above? What did you think? 

    Lots of love,
    N x 


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