Saturday, 18 July 2015

    Martha's Weekend Away

    Admittedly, sometimes you need to escape London. That doesn't mean I no longer this city's the greatest of all time, but it's healthy to take mini breaks from it too, before all the chaos resonates in your head.
    I went back to Sleaford, Lincolnshire, where Nikki and I are from. It was such a beautiful weekend trip; catching up with my mum and high school friends. Plus, I packed a lot in:

    So once my Mum (greatest human on the planet) had picked me up from the station, we headed, via car, to Lincoln. It's our nearest city, and down the hill from the almighty cathedral are a decent amount of shops.
    One of the perks of returning home, is being spoiled rotten. I was treated to two lovely gifts. One being a lovely new dress for work from Next.
    I never usually shop at Next, as a fan of loud colours and pattern overdoses, it's not usually got a lot of stock for me. However, I got the above dress, as it's material was so soft! Like a big cuddly teddy! Plus, I'm always down with anything baggy.
    My other gift was a book: The Opposite of Loneliness by Marine Keegan. It's a short collection of essays and fiction by Keegan who, tragically, died just five days after graduating from Yale. How she writes about this in between phase - not quite fully fledged adults but no longer children/'youth purgatory' - is so relatable and honest I can already tell this book is changing my life. The essay went viral shortly after is publication, and justly so. You should read it.
    Once the shopping was done it was time to eat! Turns out Lincoln's gone and got a bit cool, and a bit gentrified, as its university has gained popularity, so now it even has an waffle house, Madame Waffle.
    Their coffee is of a rather decent standard, but the food... Oh. My. God. 
    Like, I will eat and slobber over anything with halloumi but this was just so good, even my halloumi-adverse mother admitted its deliciousness. She opted for the healthier option, with fruit salad and Greek yoghurt - a sweet alternative, and equally as yummy.
    The evening was dedicated to time with friends, meaning I consumed for too much alcohol to write about it...whoops!

    The next morning's hangover cure was pretty spectacular; I went wild swimming.
    I live in fear of being cold, because I feel it so easily, and once it's in my bones my day is ruined. So when my mother insisted on dragging me to this lake, I was skeptical to say the least.
    It turned out to be magical! There's something some peaceful and grounding about swimming outside - the place near Lincoln, just off the A46, is called Activities Away and they offer diving, swimming and jet skiing too.
    I hired a wet suit so I didn't freeze, although there were plenty of braver people just in their trunks or costumes. It was beautiful.

    After a quick lunch with my Grandma I was back on the train to London. Small getaways never last long enough, but I packed a lot in and look forward to going back again soon.

    Where's you favourite place to escape? ...M x


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