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    June Favourites

    Hello! So it's that time again to share with you our Monthly Favourites. This month has flown by and it is crazy we are now in July. We have both had a great month. Nikki spent the beginning of the month finishing off her holiday in Bermuda/New York. And Martha started a cool new job, and began a heroic flat hunt, so its been very busy but we have still had time to keep exploring London and finding out our June Favourites.

    Nikki's Favourites

    1. London Parks 
    Towards the end of May we have been having some lovely sunshine which is perfect for picnics in London parks. It is one of my favourite things, to do be surrounded by my friends with a picnic and sunshine. My favourite park would have to be either Hyde Park or Regents Park! They are both so beautiful, always busy when the sun is shining which gives it a great vibe! If you have time to explore either park you'll see there is so much too them. In June I also went to the BST festival in Hyde Park which was so much fun to see the park transformed into a festival venue! 

    2. Orange is the New Black. 
    Wow, I LOVE this series. I'm on Series 3 episode 8, so coming close to the end which makes me sad. When I started watching OITNB on Netflix both series one and two were already on there so I endlessly watched it (who doesn't love a Netflix binge?!) my favourite character would have to be Piper or Red! Piper because of her journey and how funny the situation she gets in and Red simply because she is a powerhouse! 

    3. Whistles Dress
    I am totally in love with this dress and it is perfect for summer! I know I'll get lots of wear out of it too. It is a navy and white tent dress. It has pockets which is a nice touch and the v shaped neckline is great, it makes it easy to pair with a simple necklace. I saw the same dress in a light blue and very tempted to get that one too. That's how much I love it!! 

    4. Bare Minerals Matte Powder with the Flawless Face Brush
    I have never really been into wearing powder. I usually just use tinted moisturiser which now has been taken over by BB cream for my foundation. However since I discovered Bare Minerals Matte Powder I have been very happy. I think it just gives you base make up a nice finish and looks great. It isn't too heavy which is what I always worry about with powder. I am lucky that I don't get many spots only one or two around my time of the month, so I don't need to use too much make up for my base. Whilst on holiday and in this beautiful English sunshine we have been lucky to have powder has helped make my make up more lasting especially as I tend to get very hot!! I haven't tried any other powders before but I love this one. 

    5. London Theatre
    Keeps your eyes peeled for a few reviews coming soon, this month I have loved going to the theatre. It has always been something I have adored doing and I'm so pleased to be able to allow time to see lots of theatre. This month I saw, To Kill at Mockingbird at the Barbican, Bend it Like Beckham at the Phoenix Theatre and Hang at the Royal Court. The Royal Court is my favourite theatre ever and i always enjoy or take something important away from the plays I see there. It is located in Sloane Square and has a wonderful bar and bookshop on the lower ground floor. 

    Martha's Favourites

    1. The Dorsett Shepherd's Bush
    So this month I holidayed in my own city; it's a wonderful thing to do; have a little splurge and remind yourself how wonderful London town is. I stayed the night at Dorsett, Shephers Bush and found it dreamy (as well as extremely reasonably priced for central London). The lady who checked us in (Agna I believe) as friendly, approachable but not too person - my kind of customer service.
    I got all dressed up and had a lovely Espresso Martini in their hotel bar, served by very competent bartenders, who were happy to have me order off-menu. 
    And, as I was completely indulging, ROOM SERVICE! Unfortunately the vegetarian options that are served 24hr, aren't over inspiring. But I was pretty happy with my avocado and mozzarella sandwich. It was colossal and filled a girl right up. The whole night was a great treat and made me feel like a bit of princess; something every girl is entitled to once in a while.

    2. Treating Myself
    I know there's a lot of unnecessary pressure for us ladies to get our 'bikini body' (FYI a bikini body is ANY body in a bikini), but I have a decidely 'screw-it' attitude when it comes to food in summer. I just love the feeling of basking in the sun with a good foodie treat. So I've been hunting/revisiting places that allow me to sit outside, or have those beautiful open plan fronts that are such a gem in summer time.
    There's Crate in Hackney Wick, where you can tuck into a pizza with a view of the canal...
    There's Arlo and Moe in Crofton Park, with an ample amount of outdoor seating...
    And, of course, there's El Patron in Putney, whose whole front wall is a big open window...

    3. The Amersham Arms
    This one is really my one true love. I've been frequenting this wonderful pub since I moved to London, nearly three years ago. It's a total staple of South East London, and its weird mix of customers - old, local regulars and hipster Goldsmith students - means it's always entertaining. There's something about there glowing 'Take Courage' sign that's just comforting.

    4. Missguided
    Yes. I am incredibly late on this band wagon. But how awesome is Missguided? It's afordable, it's fun fashion and perfect for getting a little dressed up too. As my new job requires me to look a little less slobbish than I usual do, I invested in a lot of new clothes from Missguided. Their delivery is so prompt, and I've been consistently impressed with how true-to-size their clothes have been. Definitely found a new love.
    Plus I got a tee from here which lists my coffee order, need I explain why I've fallen head over heels for Missguided...

    5. Nanna's, Islington
    Again, just a quick note on this one. It doesn't brag anything fancy or eccentric, it's just a good space to relax and enjoy a well made cup of coffee. The mismatched decor only adds to this places charm, and the friendly staff make you feel as though it's time well spent. Islington's always a nice area to wander around too, so even if you're grabbing a coffee to go, this place is super near to the station and won't require you to detour too much from your stroll.


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