Wednesday, 1 July 2015

    I Went West | El Patron, Putney

    Yep, you did read that correctly. I - Martha - PURPOSELY ventured over to West London as I heard there was some damn good Mexican food in that direction. As a vegetarian, and a complete foodie, I am open to travelling anywhere for a decent taco, but I always think that East London's food scene is so good, this usually means not travelling too far from my own door. 
    However, I went to Putney purely to visit El Patron - the much raved about Mexican kitchen and bar.

    It was such a sunny day when I visited, so the first delight came from noticing the front of the venue is basically open, and tables spill out onto the street. No risk of overheating, or missing any vital vitamin D. 
    Wasting no time, I ordered the vegetarian tacos and a Tequila Colado, and shared some sweet potato fries and and an extra side of guacamole. 
    The food was crazy good. Mexican vegetarian food is always a good option, as nothing ever feels frustratingly 'substituted' (which all vegetarians know just means missing). I'm a fan of everything spicy, so it sat well with me, however I would warn that these tacos are not for the faint hearted. 
    The sweet potato fries didn't disappoint either; full of flavour and cooked thick enough that they felt like a substantial accompaniment to the main dish. 
    The one area for improvement, for me, was the cocktails. Now! It may purely be that I'm not a massive Tequila fan, and of course, this being a Mexican establishment, there's going to be Tequila in EVERY drink, but I just found them a little underwhelming. However, downstairs there is a bar packed out every Friday and weekend - they can't be there for no reason. Maybe I just drank the wrong drink! 
    The staff are friendly, and the chilled out vibe Putney has going just complements this little cove perfectly. Would definitely say my trip to West London was worth it for this place.

    What am I missing by sticking East, where should I try next? ...M x

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