Friday, 31 July 2015

    Greybeards in Deptford

    One thing I will always tell myself off for is not seeing enough live music in London. This city is so musically thriving, and there are an abundance of talented folk willing to display their talent to an audience for pennies....sometimes less than that.
    Last Saturday I found myself, on a boat in Deptford, watching the Swedish band Greybeards

    The young four-piece (their drummer just turned twenty one) hail from the small Swedish town Gavle. Obviously heavily influenced by legendary rock bands like The Foo Fighters, their sound is mature, and refined, beyond their years.
    Deptford may not be the first place you'd think of to experience cool, new music; the event was a celebration of an art collective, who live on the boat, launching a new book. But I think the more run down areas are always going to be slightly more culturally exciting. Artists are poor. Go to the poor places.
    I went at the invitation of my brother, and had done very little research into the band so wasn't overly sure what to expect; I was so pleasantly surprised. What struck me most was the sheer talent and skill; to write a catchy, rock song in your second language is impressive! Also, each of them look comfortable and at-home on the stage. 
    Their current UK tour is coming to a close, but I'd reccomend keeping an eye for when they're next around, for sure!

    Who to see next?... Mx


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    Malin said...

    Agreed, they're amazing!

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