Friday, 31 July 2015

    Greybeards in Deptford

    One thing I will always tell myself off for is not seeing enough live music in London. This city is so musically thriving, and there are an abundance of talented folk willing to display their talent to an audience for pennies....sometimes less than that.
    Last Saturday I found myself, on a boat in Deptford, watching the Swedish band Greybeards


    Sunday, 19 July 2015

    Travel to... | Oxford

    Living in London is awesome and I love it so much. I never feel like there is nothing to do, it's the opposite, too much to do, busy and non - stop which can make you feel a bit dizzy and tends to lead to me heading to the countryside to see my lovely parents. It's nice to have the break from the big smoke but this weekend was different rather than heading home I headed for the wonderful city that is Oxford. My sister studied at Brookes University so I visited her during that period but now around 4 years has passed since then and it was a delight to go back. 


    Saturday, 18 July 2015

    Martha's Weekend Away

    Admittedly, sometimes you need to escape London. That doesn't mean I no longer this city's the greatest of all time, but it's healthy to take mini breaks from it too, before all the chaos resonates in your head.
    I went back to Sleaford, Lincolnshire, where Nikki and I are from. It was such a beautiful weekend trip; catching up with my mum and high school friends. Plus, I packed a lot in:


    Monday, 13 July 2015

    Martha's Top 10 Workout Songs

    Now that it's summer, all the hard work that I put in over the winter months has come to fruition! However, no rest for the wicked, and the gym still beckons. Although, the sun is making me take more of my workouts outside, and I am now that weird looking person doing a few squats and lunges on the park path - ah well.
    But to me, if my workout doesn't have a soundtrack, and I can't imagine I'm in a movie montage, then a workout just doesn't flow.
    Here are my top ten workout tracks:


    Thursday, 9 July 2015

    Top 5 Places to Cool Down in London

    Us Londoners have to lap up any sun we can get, and this current heatwave has all the sun worshipers out in full force. However, we all know how blissful it feels to cool down for a few hours, and here's the top five places to do just that, in London:


    Tuesday, 7 July 2015

    Three in One Theatre Review

    I adore theatre and I used to make sure I watched at least two pieces of theatre a month. With a very busy 2015 this slipped but I'm back and so pleased to be too!

    The shows I saw were three very different pieces of theatre but all wonderful in there own way.


    Monday, 6 July 2015

    The Importance of Am Dram

    Something people may not know is that Nikki and I have both worked professionally as actors; it's a big dream of both of ours, and a huge passion. We spent one Saturday trawling through the shelves in the NT Bookshop, and it just hammered home to me how much I adore devouring a character and a plot. There is however, a slight depression that comes with not being able to fulfill your dream day after day; having the talent but having no luck. Both me and Nikki champion Fringe venues wherever we can, having performed at The Yard, Hackney and Soho Theatre. 
    Yes, acting, like other jobs, is down to damn hard work, but a part of it is just luck; luck you fit the right casting, luck you know the right person, etc... Hence why amateur dramatic societies are so important; they're filled with people who love to create, and just do it!
    The company I work for has their own amateur dramatic society; The Carat Players, and I recently went to see their production of Death by Design at the New Diorama Theatre
    The play was a hoot - a farcical murder mystery with an endearingly abusive couple at its centre, surrounded by an abundance of eccentrics. Each actor/colleague never once stumbled or corpsed, even when there was some 1930s twerking going on. 
    What shone through was how much love there was in the production, everyone - director, lighting, cast - was so thrilled to be part of something special, and importantly, FUN. 
    There was true talent on display and the same level of dedication that you'd find in professional theatre companies. The show was executed without a glitch, and the pride of the participants, when taking their bows to well-earned, rapturous applause, was infectious. 
    I'd actually never been to the New Diorama Theatre but with such bargain ticket prices it's going to become a regular haunt. With 80 seats, it's intimate yet professional, and has such dedication to establishing emerging theatre companies.
    I suppose the point of this post, is go see the fringe stuff; the plays that don't have massive celebrity names on the poster, or X-Factor runners up on the cast list. Fringe venues, am dram societies, and professional companies working on a tight budget, have so much to give and are doing things purely because the want to be doing them. There are plays that provoke discussion and evoke emotion, new writing that's desperate to be seen; go see it, you won't regret that decision.
    I went to see Carat Players and I loved it, a good job all round! 


    Thursday, 2 July 2015

    June Favourites

    Hello! So it's that time again to share with you our Monthly Favourites. This month has flown by and it is crazy we are now in July. We have both had a great month. Nikki spent the beginning of the month finishing off her holiday in Bermuda/New York. And Martha started a cool new job, and began a heroic flat hunt, so its been very busy but we have still had time to keep exploring London and finding out our June Favourites.


    Wednesday, 1 July 2015

    I Went West | El Patron, Putney

    Yep, you did read that correctly. I - Martha - PURPOSELY ventured over to West London as I heard there was some damn good Mexican food in that direction. As a vegetarian, and a complete foodie, I am open to travelling anywhere for a decent taco, but I always think that East London's food scene is so good, this usually means not travelling too far from my own door. 
    However, I went to Putney purely to visit El Patron - the much raved about Mexican kitchen and bar.

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