Thursday, 4 June 2015

    Top 5 Places in London For a First Date

    The First Date is an awkward thing, and next to impossible to get perfect; you may not know the other person too well, you have no idea if they'll love paintballing as much as you, or if they'll laugh as loud at a kids movie. First Dates are all about discovering eachother, and your compatability.
    This list is for those who need a little inspiration...or want to take the long-term partener on a first date all over again. Either way, you should think about these five great options:

    1. Treetop Walkway at Kew Gardens
    Great way to learn if they're afraid of heights... As do a lot of the suggestions on this post, this idea costs absolutely nothing, but you'll get major points for thoughtfulness! Walking among the treetops is a pretty romantic setting, and as there's no blaring music or movie, it gives you the chance to really chat and get to know one another. The views are stunning, and it's a pretty unique experience to have in London.  

    2. Monday Nights at the Secret Comedy Club
    The secret comedy club is always great for a bargain-fun night, but Monday nights are an utter freebie! Of course you can buy your lovely date a pint or a pitcher at their bar, but other than that you can simply walk in, sit down, and laugh until you stomach hurts! The comedians are always of a good calibre, the MC is super charismatic, and the audience are consistently kept in good spirits. Fun will be had by all! 

    3. Brixton Village Extravaganza
    Brixton has managed to become 'up-and-coming' but still foreign to a lot of people, especially Brixton Village and market row. So if you're looking for something unique, this place is a gem as it's almost guaranteed your date won't be too familiar with it, and you have so many options! You could get a perfectly poured flat white at Federation, with knowledgeable, trendy staff and delightful cakey treats too. You could stuff yourself silly at Honest Burger - in my opinion the best burger restaurant in London, which now has homes in Soho and Kings Cross too. You could natter over some delicious Gelato at Lab G, where the staff might give you a little taster of each flavour if you flash them a friendly smile... And you could round off the date with a drink at the effortlessly cool Seven. All of these places under one roof? Heaven.

    This one's for the foodies. The pizza's within this up-cycled warehouse are colossal and packed with tasty goodness (wish I didn't sound like an activia advert...). The bar and pizzeria are on the ground floor of the White Building in Hackney Wick, which is an art and technology centre, so you get an idea for its style of custom....artsy. But not pretentious! Just a genuine passion for the pizza and craft ales. The pizza's are hand rolled and made to order. Your date will definitely be impressed by the original topping choices too! PLUS this place is right next to the canal, so the sun setting over that view is pretty romantic. The Yard theatre is right around the corner if you wanted to pop over and get cultural.

    5. Emirates Airline London
    Not all of us inhabiting the most expensive city in the world can afford views up the Shard, or around the Eye, so this is a great breath-taking alternative. Just a short walk from North Greenwich Station (Jubilee Line) are these lovely little (ie. intimate) cable cars. You can ride the short ride until 9pm, and see the city any stage of the day. At only £4.50, it's a total jaw dropping bargain and you're date will love the thrill of doing something a little different, and seeing London from a unique perspective. 


    Unknown said...

    When are you taking me to Crate!!

    Lucille Foster said...

    Those places are amazing! And I agree that they make perfect spots for romantic dates, regardless if you’ll be bringing someone who is a family, friend or a significant other. Thanks for having a time to share these with us, Martha! These places are worth noting for. :-)

    Lucille Foster @ The George Hotel At Cley

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