Sunday, 14 June 2015

    Techbitch Book Launch | Hosted by Mulberry

    On Wednesday Martha and I were very kindly invited by Mulberry to join a very exciting evening. It was the launch of Techbitch written by Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza published by Penguin. On the cover it states "If you love Devil wears Prada you'll love this" for me that and the title won me over. The book is retailing at £7.99 and I am already half way through, it is just one of those books you can't put down. I will give an update when I have finished it to let you know what I thought.

    On arrival we were greeted by a glass of champagne and Jehan and Melanie ready to tour us round the Flagship Mulberry store on New Bond Street. We fell in love with the new collection and continued to adore the classics. Martha was eying up a pair of high tops in an oxblood colour and I had my eye on the reversible bag from the Delhpie range which is on my mulberry wishlist here in my 'What's in my bag?' post. I loved the layout of the store and it was so perfect having Jehan and Melanie talk us though different items, their product knowledge was outstanding, it showed it was a genuine interest and passion for the brand. 

    I fell in love with these peonies, they looked so summery and fitted perfectly with both the brand and the book. 

    During the evening there were canapés circulated and in the photo you can see the smoked Mackerel on Toast with Poached Quail Egg and Chives. This was no doubt my favourite and tasted divine. The other canapé which was my other favourite was the Courgette parcel with Ricotta and Sun Blushed Tomatos and Basil. I think I might persuade Dejon to recreate these at home for me (i'll update you on that if it ever happens)

    Onto the speeches and it was delightful to hear from both authors, Penguin and Mulberry. The history behind Mulberry is so interesting, all products are Made in England which is what makes this brand so unique and desirable in my opinion. They have a factory in Somerset where almost 700 craftsman are based making Mulberry's beautiful products. After the speeches it was time for photos and book signing. We managed to catch Lucy for a couple of minutes, they were both so busy as imagined at their launch! Lucy was so charming and friendly! A brief overview of the book is Imogen is the editor-in-cheif of Glossy magasine, returns to work after taking a sabbatical, her old assistant has taken over to turn the magasine into an app. Imogen is not ready to give up with a fight. The topic of the book is so apt for the current digital age we are living in. 

    Split the City would like to wish both Lucy and Jo all the success in the world with their book. 

    Is Techbitch the type of book you're into? What's your favourite item from Mulberry? Are you #TeamImogen or #TeamEve?

    Lots of Love,

    Nikki x


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