Tuesday, 23 June 2015

    Summer Lookbook

    Hello there lovely readers! Today I want to share with you 3 of my favourite summer looks. Enjoy... 

    1. This outfit was my favourite look whilst on holiday and I am sure it will continue to be during summer. Starting from the bottom to the top: 

    Sandals | Topshop 
    These are my go to sandals and are super comfy. I have quite wide feet so to have a nice pair of open sandals are perfect for me. They wear well and the soles are a comfortable suede type material. 

    Handbag | Mulberry 
    My classic Mulberry Bayswater is in the floor Mole Grey. I am so pleased to own this as I can literally wear it with anything. It does get quite heavy so worth keeping an eye on how much you load it up with! 

    Dress | Missguided
    This scallop design is perfect for this summer. With a lime top half white bottom half this dress just screams summer! It also looks great with a tan so a perfect holiday dress. 

    Necklace | Accessories 
    This was the first ever present Dejon got me so I don't think they stock it anymore. It's a beaded necklace, in a turquoisey/green shade. It adds that extra oomf to an outfit especially when my wearing patterns. 

    2. This outfit is perfect for walking around and going for lunch, ideal on a cooler day as you can easily pair with a cardigan. 

    Shoes | London Rebel 
    These babies featured in my May monthly favourites and too right. I wear these so often I think I may have to invest in a new pair soon. They are very easy to wear and the design makes them look pretty and elegant. 

    Dress | ASOS
    This dress is so lightweight and perfect when teamed up with a little cardigan. I love the tape design down the front in the lovely, red, purples and pink it is very summery! Downside to this dress is it is quite see through; nude underwear is advisable! 

    Cardigan | Oasis 
    I love Oasis as a brand ever since I've been interested in fashion. They have such good quality cardigans too, so I knew I wouldn't go wrong with this simple black one! 

    Clutch/Purse | Vivienne Westwood 
    This stunning black leather purse teams up perfectly as a clutch, fitting coins, notes, cards and phone. With a gold Vivenne Westwood design on the front and beautiful res lining this simple yet chic extra really makes this outfit. 

    Necklace | Tiffanys 
    I love this two love heart necklace by Tiffanys. I love that shop with my whole heart and each time I go in its always a restrain not to buy a new item of jewellery. This necklace is very delicate, with one classic return to Tiffanys heart and one classic turquoise coloured heart 

    3.  Although the sandals and handbag are the same as look number one I couldn't leave out this dress. 

    Dress | Forever 21 
    Forever 21 have some excellent summer items in this season and it makes me want to buy them all (shopaholic alert!!) this floral print dress is so cute with the correct pops of colour including, blue, pink, oxblood red and cream. 

    Necklace | Forever 21
    This necklace is a perfect partner for the dress. It is double layered with several brass pendants with blue stones which pick up the blue in the dress super well. It makes a fair bit of noise if your walking about but it really add the finishing touches in my opinion to this outfit. 

    I hope you enjoyed reading my short but sweet summer lookbook. What are your favourite summer looks? Do you like Forever 21's summer season? Which is your favourite look out of the three above? 

    Lots of love,
    N x

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