Wednesday, 10 June 2015

    Restaurant Review | Mas Q Menos


    So today I want to share with you another great find, Mas Q Menos. We were in a car driving through Holborn and Dejon pointed it out. We wanted to go to Soho so we carried on but in got out my little book of restaurants and scribbled the name down. Mas Q Menos translate as More than Less. After getting out of the car we walked down Wardour Street to see what would take our fancy. We stumbled across another branch of Mas Q Menos. Perfect. 

    You can tell immediately the restaurant is on the fairly new side. The interior is fresh and their is still the buzz of excitement from opening. At 19:30 on a Tuesday I did expect it to be a little more busy but give it time this little gem in the heart of Soho is one to visit. It was Happy Hour when we arrived so Dejon opted for the Long Island Ice Tea and I went for a Strawberry Mojito. I always have reservations about getting cocktails from a non cocktails bar but wow they were truly epic. Simple, no fancy twist to try be different.

    Mas Q Mentos serve Jambon and Tapas. I've always loved the idea of tapas but can never judge how much to order. Dejon on the other hand is slightly more clued up. We opted for Patas Bravas, Jambon Platter, Octopus, cotto ham with Brie on ciabatta and Spanish omelette. It was a lot of food. We did well but had to get some of the platter to take away. It was lovely to see that they were generous with their serving sizes. 

    I would definitely go back and hopefully you will give Mas Q Menos a try! 

    Do you like tapas? Is their another tapas bar in London I MUST visit? 

    Lots of Love,

    N x 

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