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    May Favourites

    Another month gone, and May really was a great one! 
    One half of Split the City was in London sampling Spa London, London Fields Fitness Studio and other great places, whilst our other half was off sunning herself in Bermuda, then strutting around New York City like a modern day Carrie Bradshaw.
    So here they are, our May favourites...

    Martha's Choices
    We found the beautiful shop on our Day to End All Days. For me it was such a wonderful find, as it was my first ever time visiting Portobello Road Market, and had a mild concern about being out of my depth in West London, but this quaint boutique alone made the jounrey worth while. It's filled with lovely little treasures as well as great staple fashion items (I bought a pink, knitted, body-con dress) and the girls behind the counter are utter dreams. Can't wait to go back.

    2. Illamasqua

    I may be a little late on this band wagon, but what a brand! They perfectly tip-toe the line between quirky and fashionable, and their products are such great quality. On my daring days, I'm a big fan of their black lipstick. The products definitely have a strong edginess to them, and this is reflected in the decor of their Soho store. Can't wait to top up with more products; I really need to get my hands on some of their nail varnishes.

    3. Illustrated People Tees

    What's a wardrobe without a staple slogan tee? I think they get a bad rep due to all the Magaluf Monsters in the airports and the Female Body Inspector rubbish. But what to wear on the days when your jeans are the only things that feel comfortable, and you want to feel snug? A slogan tee, that's what. Illustrated People is a phenomenal brand; they are great fun, and everything is put together with their tongue firmly in their cheek. Check them out here.

    4. The Boundary, Shoreditch

    Been meaning to write about this place for a while. The Boundary in Shoreditch is a stunning hotel just past Shoreditch House, and they've got, what I consider to be, the best rooftop bar in London. Not too pricey considering the location, and the cocktails are to die for! It offers some tranquility among all the cool-kid chaos, and you can enjoy your moment of calm on their terrace or in their weather proof area. Strongly recommend!

    5. Snow Pierecer
    Odd to include a film, I know, but it's just so good and original. Chris Evans is a revelation; he's so dark and really challenges his Captain America casting. The plot is utterly bizarre, and I my synopsis won't do it justice but here goes: global warming forced all of humanity to live out there days circling the earth in a never ending train journey; the wealthy live at the front whilst the poor are kettled in at the tail - until the *very bloody* revolution happens. The cinematography is outstanding, and the plot is so unlike anything I've ever seen before, it's impossible to not be drawn in. Just trust me, watch it!

    Nikki's Choices
    1. Go Pro Hero 4 | Silver

    This has to be number one on my May Favourites. It was definitely an investment but it was completely worth it. It has been perfect on our travels in Bermuda and New York and I can't wait to use it on further trips and different occasions. I am super excited to share with you my footage from this trip so be sure to keep you eyes peeled for that. I opted for the Hero 4 Silver as I knew it had such great reviews. I had used a friends Hero 3 and found the battery life didn't last so long especially with the LED screen. Whereas the Hero 4 has the screen built in and doesn't kill the battery. I have been loving waterproof feature too especially whilst snorkelling in Bermuda.  Along with the Go Pro, we invested in the Chest Harness and the 3 Way Camera Grip, both of these accessorise are perfect and have been super handy whilst doing lots of exploring. If you want to buy a Go Pro you can take a look here.

    2. Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow Stick | Golden Pink

    I have been loving trying out new make up recently, I find that every time I go away I enjoy trying new looks and end up spending more time on my make up. Whilst in New York I picked this up from Sephora. I adore that shop, honestly it is make up heaven! I spotted this shadow stick and loved the range of colours that Bobbi Brown have created. I have never tried a shadow stick before so I only got the Golden Pink colour first to make sure the product works for me. And no surprises it works and it is such a simple product that has such a impact on your make up look. I'll be sure to buy more colours and let you know how they are too.

    3. New York Restaurants

    So, I don't want to tell you the be all and end all of the places we visited; as they will most certainly be featured in my New York blog post that will be coming up in the very near future. We tried such a range of places on our trip from 99c pizza on Bleaker Street to a 3 Michelin Starred Restaurant on Madison Avenue. New York is such a dreamy place and being a huge foodie I just didn't have enough time (when is that never the case?!). We already have a strong list of places to visit on the next trip!! If you have any recommendations please do let me know.

    4. London Rebel Shoes

    I came across this brand via Asos and so pleased to have found them. My cute 'Shore Cute Out' flats are from there and they are my go to shoes which you can buy here. They are comfy and soft but are great for walking around in. I sometimes find with flat shoes with frequent wear the backs seem to collapse (that may have something to do with my strange way of walking haha) I love scrolling through their website and their new summer collection is so on point. The shoes are priced reasonabley and you will be sure to get good quality from London Rebel. Next on my wishlist from them is their Jordan Silver sandals!

    5. Aspinal of London Travel Wallet

    If you're a regular reader you would have seen this listed as one of my Holiday Essentials which you can read right here. I have found this super useful whilst travelling these past couple of weeks. I cannot wait to use it on future trips. I chose the berry lizard colour but if you head on over to their website you will see lots more to choose from. Another firm favourite colour of the travel wallet is the Pink lizard. Aspinal is such a lovely brand and there website is full of so many amazing products.

    What are your monthly favourites? Are any of your favourites the same as ours?

    Lots of Love,

    Split the City x 

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