Thursday, 25 June 2015

    Glastonbury Picks

    Well the Glastonbury gates have no opened, and allowed in a swarm of excited attendees, including our very on reporter-in-the-FIELDS (get it), Jazz Black. We sent Jazz packing with a nice little bag of goodies; Hawaiin Tropic, Hair Chalk and Batiste Dry Shampoo, picture below; to review whilst she's out there.
    But before it gets so muddy everyone forgets about the music, here are my Glasto picks:

    Start the day at the Park Stage, and see Rhodes at 11am, then stay for Pussy Riot in Conversation until 12.40.
    You have 20 minutes to take a wander over to the West Holts stage to see the Dorian Concept, because what better way to start a festival than with some 'glittering, hallucinogenic electronic.'
    Grab some food in between (I know for a fact the Cheese Truck, which I frequented at Brockley Market can be found somewhere), and get yourself fuelled and pumped for the main stage. I somewhat judge anyone who isn't at the Pyramid Stage for 14.30 to see Alabama Shakes.
    Once you've been blown away by their set, I wouldn't move a muscle - unless you're willing to elbow a few strangers to get nearer to the front - because MARY J BLIGE is going to raise the roof, the damn sky!
    The Goddess Mary J finishes up her set at 17.00, so I'd take some time to just have a wander, soak in the festival vibes (get a bit more drunk) and try to end up at the Avalon Stage for 18.45, for....LULU. Yes. Lulu. 'Shout' is currently playing in my head. She rounds off her set at 19.45.
    Personally, I'd see in the rest of the night at The Other Stage, where the closing acts are Mark Ronson, on at 21.00, and Rudimental, on at 22.30. Yes, this does mean missing headliner, Florence + the Machine, but I saw Rudimental a few Bestival's ago and they were sick! You'll have had enough drinks that you want to dance, and they will make you!
    No doubt this morning you'll be nursing a slightly sore head, but neck a Berroca and crack on with it, there's no time to waste!
    Whatever the hell you end up to on this day, if you're not at the Pyramid Stage by 22.15 to see Kanye West smash it, then why are you even at Glastonbury?
    There's so much going on this Saturday that its next to impossible to create a 'rota' of where to be and who to see, but there are certain acts I would not want to miss under any circumstances.
    Frank Turner, Azealia Banks and Ella Eyre are all playing The Other Stage this day - quite the diverse set. I saw Turner supporting Green Day at Wembley a very long time ago, and he had the crowd captivated. Which is not easy to do on a Saturday early afternoon, as people are just filing into the stadium. Banks is killer, there's simply no other way to put it. She's controversial and talented and sure to put on a good show. And Eyre? ...Have you heard her vocals? Oh. My. God.
    The John Peel Stage is a staple of Glastonbury, and on Saturday at 15.00 they're hosting Sleaford Mods. They create such a strong sound it's hard to believe it's just a duo creating it, and and Nikki are from Sleaford so the name gives me a little giggle.
    As this is the day the wonderful festival comes to an end, of course there's a mountain of magnificent things to see, making timings very difficult. Were I going this year, I'd definitely have to download Victorinox Festival Ready app to make lists, so everything's a little less overwhelming.
    In the evening the Gully Stage has both Raleigh Ritchie and Milky Chance, these artists are very different, but similar in that, I believe, they're both on the cusp of world domination.
    Grand Master Flash is sure to be brilliant fun on the Sonic Stage at 23.00 to midnight. Their hip hop/rap hybrid set promises maximum audience participation, even if that involvement is simply shaking your thang.
    Have you ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn't have fallen in love with? Great question, know who asked it? Buzzcocks. The original pop-punk lot are playing the Left Field Stage this Sunday and will send your nostalgia levels through the roof.
    If you're after some fun, tongue-in-cheek pop then the delectable Charlie XCX is playing the John Peel Stage and is sure to cause a riot with her outrageous outfits and infectious energy.
    I'd spend a vast amount of my Sunday at the main Pyramid Stage, they've got Hozier, Lionel Richie, Alt-J, Patti Smith, Paul Weller, and the headliner that evening The Who. Basically, there's something for everyone and the atmosphere will be utterly electric as the festival takes it's final bow this year.
    Of course, this is how I would be spending my festival, but each to their own! Who have I missed off that you're dying to see? ....M x

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