Tuesday, 9 June 2015

    Collection 2000

    I have to admit, although I don't always wear make-up, I am a little bit of a beauty snob. I'm immediately drawn to the more expensive brands because I think that, they have to be good to warrant their prices. However, I have been let down by this assumption a fair few times.
    Then I realised I could be really missing a trick! Do the beauty bargains do the same job as those luxury cosmetics?
    The two beauty items that are necessities to me, is a damn good, gothic lipstick, and nail polish. My usual uses are the lipsticks from & Other Stories, and the classic Chanel red nail polish. 
    I went into Superdrug to see which was the most affordable brand going, and I stumbled across Collection 2000. So I invested in Lasting Colour Lipstick Shade 20 Plum Sensation and Seven Day Wear Nail Polish Dark Blue. For both items I only had to spend £4.98 from Superdrug. Now did I pay less for less quality, or did I pay less because I've been a mug for the last few years? Well...

    1. The Lips
    I actually found myself a little anxious to spend the day in a new lippy; shows you what a sad little life I lead. But a lipstick conveys a lot; power, femininity, playfulness, etc... So you won't to be certain you expressing yourself the best you can. I was actually super impressed with the lipstick. Excuse my spottiness, it happens to all of us...
    The shade, for me, is a dream! Still girly, but deep enough it's a little gothic and dark too. One thing I did encounter, is that it took a lot of putting on to get it to the shade I wanted (around four layers), but perhaps that my personal preference. It seems relatively durable, as it lasted me throughout the day. It did, of course, need topping up after eating and drinking, but that's to be expected.
    My only issue is that after a while, it seemed to flake as my lips got dryer, and my lips get dry fairly easily. It's designed to be long lasting, and not moisturising so I became a little conscious of that.
    I reckon a solid 7/10.
    I was tired when I snapped this, it had been a long day...

    2. The Nails
    Excuse the toe pic, I know no-one wants to see my toes. But my hands are still rocking my California Nail Bar shellac manicure, so it had to be a toe test!
    I picked the colour because it's one I don't have in my collection already; I tend to dress in dark shades and patterns, so my nails are always my pop of colour. Time to change things up!
    I'm constantly on foot; at work, at the gym, strutting around London. So my feet get a lot of wear and tear, so I find even the expensive polishes chip pretty easily. 
    I took this tootsies for a test drive around the gym, packed in my Nike trainers of course...I'm not an insane lady lifting weights bare foot. 
    I did find a few chips on my big toes, however the others lasted considerably well, and this was only with one coat of polish on.
    The most praise I can heap on this product is the colour is true to the bottle! I cannot tell you how many times I've bought a 'blush' and its come out neon orange, or something like that! So what I paid for is what I got. A strong 8/10.

    To summarise, it might take a little more than two products to get me out of my beauty splurging ways. But I was pretty impressed over all. And in future, my investments will still be in the luxury purchases, but I'll have no qualms getting quick fixes for a fiver!

    Well done Collection 2000, you converted me! ...M x


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