Sunday, 7 June 2015

    Bedroom Blitz

    As I have started a new job this week, I wanted to go into it with a clear mind and a fresh attitude; for me nothing feels better than coming back to a organised, clean, gorgeous bedroom! So, with  my (slightly belated) spring clean I went in full throttle; an interior decor haul, if you will! So, I'm sharing with you my bedroom blitz!

    1. My Sofa
    Personally, I really hate coming home and collapsing straight on my bed. It feels unproductive, like all I've done that day is worked then slept. I like some down-time on my sofa, to work on the blog, read a book, do some diary planning, etc... So it's important to me my sofa is welcoming!
    I keep all my books and records behind my sofa, in built-in storage. It's ideal because I can simply stretch up and grab a good read!
    This amazing Candy Skull cushion is from Urban Outfitters. It's always a talking piece and gets compliments left, right and centre; I don't believe they stock this colourful one anymore, but you can find a black and white one here for a bargain £35. 
    The bunting is from an adorable little store called Sass and Belle. You can find them online or at one of their two stores on New Row or downstairs in the Covent Garden Piazza. They're kitsch decorations are girly, quirky and always surprisngly cheap. I also have (not photographed) a fake rose garland of theirs wrapped around my headboard. 

    2. My Beauty Desk
    This is where I sit every morning and make myself presentable for the day. This is where I sit and try out new products to review on the blog. This is where I sit and stare in the mirror until decide that 'nothing can be done' and the world will just have to accept my bare face.
    So, a lot of important things happen here - it has to be organised!
    It may look nonsensical, but there's a pattern, I swear! Moving from left to right it goes: hair accessories, jewellery, perfumes and potions, and finally NAILS. My nail polish collection is getting a little out of control. Even I admit it. 

    3. My Bedside Table
    You should keep all your favourite things right by your bed. What do you want to reach for during restless nights? What do you want to be the first thing you see in the morning?
    Mine's a little clustered, but it's all important. I recently bought a kooky light up Buddha from Tiger recently, which makes a great light for reading my books! Currently I'm loving Elizabeth is Missing (Google it, there's hype), but I'm also reading a non-fiction book called Food of the Gods by Terence McKenna. Even if you don't agree with his theories on ancient religion and psychedelics (I don't particularly) it's still a fascinating read. 
    Taking pride of place on my bedside table is the piece of art from, again, Urban Outfitters. I've got a thing for candy skulls, can you tell? It's painted onto a wooden canvas so it has an added rustic, shabby-chic look to it. I adore art, just look at number five on this list! But unfortunately, this item is no longer on sale. Here's the newest wall art from UO that I'm eyeing up. 
    I'm also a MASSIVE fan of candles. I don't think any corner is complete without them, everyone should own a great whiffing candle. This one is a Cire Trudon, which isn't a budget option at all, but I deem it such a worthwhile purchase. It takes forever to burn, so you get your moneys worth, and it smells divine. This photo doesn't do justice to its neon pink colour, which makes for great wax drippings. You can find these wonders in Liberty's of London and John Lewis too.

    4. My Blog Table
    Yes. Chocolate is a blogging necessity. So here's the table I pull to the sofa whenever I want to work on the blog. It has my adorable Paperchase Diary which Nikki and I can pack out with upcoming events. It has my little brown book, full of new post ideas. And it has felt tip pens, because it's good to be colourful!

    5. My Art Desk
    This desk is forever growing with new pieces I simply could not resist.
    There's so many special pieces here. The 'I Want To Have Adventures With You' print is a personal fave! Again, from Urban Outfitters - there Wall Art game is on point. The small cross-stich reading, 'Damn It Feels Good to be a Gangsta' was a lovely Etsy gift, and the peacock reef is a beauty too.
    This wooden typography print was a steal from Spitalfields market last weekend. It's unique and sweet too. 

    And there we have it, my home wares haul. OH! And I found a new place for my ukulele to rest too - on top of my skateboard. 

    What's essential in your room? ...M x



    Anonymous said...

    More info about the records. What deck have you got?

    Unknown said...

    Honestly, I'm not too sure! A very old and cheap one.

    badlypackedtraveller said...

    Martha, this was me. Dadx

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