Monday, 25 May 2015

    What's in my Bag?

    Hey there guys, Martha here. This is a quick little post, as a follow on from Nikki's fantastic 'What's my bag' which you can read in here.
    I'm going to talk you through all the pieces that are with me at all times, and are usually carted around in my Marc B handbag (other times it's a Muji backpack).  

    Essential number 1
    Well, that would be my purse. My perfect parrot purse from the ever quirky Monki. This was a recent £5 bargain from their Carnaby Street store; it's great because it's spacious enough to store all the random receipts and cards I'm constantly collecting. Plus it's fun and adds a vibrant pop of colour to any ensemble - easily taking you from day to night, you can even rock it as a clutch.

    Essential number 2
    A damn good book! Some of my favourite days are spent alone, wasting away time in a coffee shop with my head buried in a great read. My all time favourite book is The Picture of Dorian Gray, and my mum treated me to this beautiful copy for my last birthday. I am rereading it for the millionth time! I always carry a book just in case I fancy a sit down and an escape from the London chaos. 

    Essential number 3
    I'm, internally, a very old woman! I mean, my name's Martha - I'm just living up to that. This little pot is a warming salve from Neal's Yard Remedies. Being a big fan of all things natural, I adore Neal's Yard Remedies as their all organic and natural. This is for when it's horrid and cold in the British weather and my bones stiffen up - told you, old woman!

    Essential number 4
    No, essential number 5 is not going to be a colouring book. I carry some felt tips just in case I get a creative wave; there's so much wonderful street art in East London, it's almost impossible not to get inspired. 

    Essential number 5
    Topshops make-up range just keeps excelling and I'm a particular fan of their lipsticks and nail polishes. A good lipstick is a constant necessity, if me and Nikki and called to a last minute event or meeting, I want to show up feeling good and looking good. A good lippy ticks all those boxes!

    Essential number 6
    I am a self confessed nail addict, and prefer to keep a glitter one in my bag as it hides all manner of sins. Nails Inc is a consistently wonderful brand and this is their Snowflake polish. I got it as a Christmas gift and it's still going strong!

    So that quick post covers what's in my bag. What's in yours?

    ...M x


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