Saturday, 2 May 2015


    Elephant & Castle is quite the sight to behold....take that however you will. But I'm sure we can all agree that it's...err, quite something.
    But, regardless of how you see it, turn one corner to be greeted with the Artworks, and everyone can agree: that place is the bomb!
    There's so many colours, coming out at you from every direction; 'inviting' is the word that springs to mind - like an adult candy store. 

    We were there for the London Sketch Comedy Festival; an event running until Sunday. Check it out on their website. Our night was Scribe Night; a night dedicated to ten new comedy writers, and a troupe performing their different sketches. In attendance were the industry judges, who decided which writer deserved the grand prize; a one-to-one mentoring session. 
    Some scripts were refined, whilst others were very much a work in progress - but all were enjoyable and received a good reception from the audience. 
    For Split the City it was a wonderful chance to spend the evening in a place we may not have visited otherwise, but this only encourages us to continue hunting for more London hidden gems. We definitely suggest you go check it out for yourselves.

    Any secret spots for us to go to next?

    Much love... Split the City x


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