Friday, 15 May 2015

    Split the City Meets Twice the Health

    Wow, where do we start? First off, welcome to our Split the City Health week. We are trying out a health themed week, with Martha's visit to Reilly Rocket which you can read about here and Nikki's top 5 places for Juices and Smoothies which you can jump to here.

    Both of us consider ourselves relatively healthy people; we eat well, enjoy exercise, stay hydrated and strutting around London in our work-out gear. Then we met Twice the Health.

    Twice the Health are two lovely ladies who write an awesome fitness blog, which you should definitely check out right here. Within their fabulous blog they inspire, and educate, the reader on everything from muscle work-outs to health-friendly foodie spots. Their Instagram is also super motivational for those who need oomph before a run/class/demonic planking session...(more on that later)

    Split the City have been big fans of theirs since their beginnings in 2014, so we were over the moon when we received an invite from them, offering to put us through our paces. We jumped at the chance! So when the time rolled around for us to grace Brixton's Fitness First, we strutted on in with gleeful naivety.

    The work out was grueling; our session focused on back and legs, and believe us, we broke a sweat. But with their expertise, and constant reassurance, we battled through chin-ups and dead lifts. The dreaded TRX (look it up) was incorporated...the strain was showing in some rather unflattering facial expressions. The finisher? Two minutes of planking with 15 second intervals of removing certain limbs from the floor. Two minutes sounds rather achievable right? Wrong! Everything in your body feels tense and heavy. 

    Above any pain or struggle, WE FELT GOOD. There's something about standing in a weight area full of dudes, and being coached with the fittest young ladies you'll find, which is just empowering. Hannah and Emily really know their stuff, but what's even better is they're both so enthusiastic about it all too! To hear them talk about health and fitness is dreamy, in the way it is to hear Brian Cox talk about stars. Our welcome to the fitfam couldn't have been better.

    Do you love Twice the Health? What's your hardest workout ever? 

    Lots of love,

    Split the City x 

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