Tuesday, 26 May 2015

    Split The City Meets London Fields Fitness Studio

    You can find London Fields Fitness Studio in one of the railway arches by London Fields Station, which is also just a short walk from Hackney Central overground. Take a look at their website and class timetable. As much as Hackney will always be Hackney, it does have a very 'up-and-coming' feel to the area now.
    Early one Sunday we had a go at Bootycamp.

    Don't be fooled by the cutesy name, this class was hard! I was sweating within the first ten minutes, and I'm a pretty fit gal. 
    Fitness, as of late, has become a little cool, and with that comes a tendency for elitism and cliques: non of that is found in this wonderful East London studio. It's pretty hard to look cool whilst squat-waddling around fist bumping complete strangers. What Sapan (the studio's owner) has created is a real sense of community. No music's blared throughout the class, and this actually encouraged the participants to talk and laugh our way through the class, together.
    We had the chance to have a natter with Sapan after the class, and he confirmed he was in it for the love of fitness, and not the cool-factor. His intention with opening the studio was, partially, to make fitness accessible to all, and he's certainly achieved that. Despite being weak and shaky, I never once felt embarrassed or intimidated whilst planking, or squatting etc...
    The studio has become quite the institute of East London, and rightly so. I felt welcomed into their fitfam community, with toned, open arms.

    Which class should we try next?


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