Tuesday, 19 May 2015

    Review | McQueen ★★★

    First things first, if you haven’t already read about what did together on Saturday head over and have a read here… either now or at the end, your choice! It was the most perfect day , the sun was shining Split the City, were having a day out and we felt fabulous. After the epic day we had we ended up in Victoria, we took a stroll down Buckingham Palace Road and stumbled across The Maverick.

    We both really wanted pizza and pizza is what we got. Now brace yourself, up till 7pm they have pizza and a cocktail for £12.00: yes you read that right £12.00. And the pizza was delicious, Martha went for the very classic Margarita and I went for Parma ham with Parmesan. They were both delicious and the cocktails matched them too. I went for a cosmopolitan and Martha went for a house speciaility called creme noire including Russian Vodka, Cocoa and Espresso . If you are around the area we would really really recommend a visit.

    Now onto the theatre review, after finishing dinner we wandered down the road and ended up at St James Theatre. A lovely little theatre, which we have never been to before and it is such a nice space. The story of McQueen is all about a stalker (Dianna Agron) that follows the world famous fashion designer Alexander McQueen (Stephen Wight) . Set in London the play takes you through their evening together. The director, John Caird, executed the play written by James Phillips to such a phenomenal level. With seamless scene changes and the use of dance with mannequins coming to life. Stephen Wight was outstanding and fully committed to the role of Lee – Alexander McQueen - from start to finish. Truthfully showing the challenges faced and boundaries McQueen pushed and the simple set was perfect in assisting with guiding the audience.

     It is worth going to see, not the most favourite play I’ve ever watched but it is certainly a play I would recommend. McQueen is running until 27th June and you can buy tickets here.

     What is your favorite play in the West End? Have you been to see McQueen, what did you think?

    Lots of Love,

    Split the City x

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