Wednesday, 27 May 2015

    Holiday Essentials

    Hello there readers! I hope you are all doing great. As you are reading this post, I am lying on a beach with pink sand, clear blue water and the hot sun shining – sorry, not sorry. I have flown to Bermuda for a well-needed holiday with Dejon. I wanted to share with you my holiday essentials. I am generally a very organised person so when it comes to packing my bag for holiday, I like to be prepared and know where everything is. I think I got this from growing up, my mum, dad, sister and I used to make checklists and tick things off once we had put them in our suitcases. I didn’t do that this time, but thinking about it, I might do for my next holiday!?

    First off is this gorgeous Aspinal of London travel wallet in red. This is a very new purchase but one I am very pleased to have made. The wallet is the perfect size to fit all you need. There are different compartments to fit your boarding pass, currency; with a zipped compartment for coins, tickets, passport, documents and other. All written and imprinted in a beautiful gold colour to compliment the lizard print red, the interior is a soft suede material that really makes this travel wallet beautiful.

    Next up is these delightful miniatures, these are definitely an essential when travelling! Since we are away for two weeks, I should have probably got  the bigger size but I couldn’t resist how cute they are! First up with the amazing Aussie products, the Miracle Moist Shampoo and Conditioner these are perfect for when you're on a beach holiday because if the sun and sea dry out your hair this is sure to add the needed moisture your hair is craving. 

    Secondly the Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula. This is so handy whilst on holiday. I have been using aftersun too but having this in my bag when I notice a little dry patch or some peeling it is perfect to use. Also another bonus is it smells divine, honestly I can't get enough of it. I recently ran out of my large version that I have been using in the UK but I'll be sure to repurchase after being reminded how good it really is. 

    So just before I went away I changed my skincare routine. I've been reading many posts of different beauty bloggers skincare routines and realised I've not been making the most of products that are out there. And now I'm on holiday I've appreciated my new skincare routine even more. To remove my eye make up I've been using the Simple eye makeup remover. It's oil free so it doesn't irritate my eyes! To take the rest of my make up off I use the purifying cleansing lotion. This has been really good at taking all my makeup off but also mositurising too. It's not too thick either so gives your skin a refreshed look. Whilst on holiday before heading to the beach I have been using this to wake me up and refresh my skin and its been working wonders. In the evenings I then finish off with my Chanel Hydra Beauty Creme. 

    Sun cream is a definite essential! I start with factor 30 then depending on how my skin is I might go to a 15. Whilst in Bermuda I have found this awesome sun cream by Sun Bum! It's a clear spray and  gives good coverage. The bottle is cute to and if you don't know by now I'm a killer for good packaging. I also went for their lip balm which is spf 30 and banana scent/flavour I say flavour because I can't resist tasting it which I know probably isn't very good! This lip balm has aloe Vera in too which is great for moisturising your lips. On their packaging it says "protect your lazy ass and grow old with us" amen!

    Finally Sunglasses. You can't go on holiday without them in my opinion. I have these Raybans which you can buy here. I don't always wear my sunglasses whilst on holiday as my face catches the sun too easily so I can get silly tan lines so quickly. Whilst waking around visiting tourist hotspots I'm sure to have them on. Raybans are a great brand of sunglasses with the ever so popular aviators. They are a high quality product so will last a long time so worth investing in! 

    I'm having such a fantastic time in Bermuda and I can't wait to share my time with you. So keep your eyes peeled as when I'm back there will be lots to share.

    What's your holiday essentials? 

    Lots of love,
    N x


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