Wednesday, 6 May 2015

    Hip Hop Colouring In

    Drink Shop & Do, in Kings Cross, is a great little spot that hosts bizarre events in their cafe, so you can chill with a cocktail and soak up their quirk too. Everything is on the cards here, from temporary tattoo making to lego robots. Our activity for the night? Hip Hop colouring in.
    It does exactly what it says on the tin; you listen to hip hop and colour in vectors of your favourite rappers. Armed with my fellow hip hip loving friend Jazz, I set upon essentially ruining the name of Biggie forever. 

    The cafe itself is rather petite, which in some ways is a shame, as I'm sure this place is easily packed to the brim (as it was on Tuesday night), however maybe the bustling room gives it the jovial atmosphere. We opted to accompany our colouring with a pitcher of some gin based fun. 
    The staff were friendly, and the gin was gin. So I was happy.
    Both of us were over the moon with our creations. I'd turned Biggie into a Mamma Mia super fan, and Jazz had gone with a cake-themed Eminem (Vicky Sponge tattoo and all)! Of course as the gin starts flowing, you become a little more giggly, but the event itself had enough joy to share.
    It was such an original way to spend an evening, and except for the drinks, IT WAS FREE.
    I'll definitely be returning - I'm already eyeing up the Bloody Mary and Board Games night coming up.
    Also, big seller, the toilet has a glitter wall. 
    Lets all Drink, Shop & Do.

    ....M x


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