Saturday, 23 May 2015

    Eelbrook | New Kings Road

    Hello there!

    Here is a lovely hidden gem I wish I knew about sooner. Eelbrook. This beautiful restaurant is in the heart of Fulham on the New Kings Road. I headed here one evening with my lovely friend Tom. We wanted to try somewhere new and we were super happy when we stumbled upon Eelbrook. For those of you that know Fulham Eelbrook is on corner of Eel Brook Common close to Parsons Green Station. They also have a heated outside area for those who enjoy al fresco dining and perfect all year round! 

    Onto the food, and wow the food... 

    Portland Crab

    This was super delicious. The crab was served with tomato, blood orange and monks beard (which to those people like me who has never tried this/or seen this before) it is a Mediterranean plant. 


    I am one of those people who adores cheese and I mean its a naughty little obsession. One of my favourites is Burrata, if you like Mozzarella  you will adore Burrata. It is super creamy, at Eelbrook they serve it with shaved asparagus and sun dried tomatoes. I have NEVER tried shave asparagus but it was so delicious and I am definitely going to try this at home!! 

    Deep Fried Egg 

    Okay, so all the other food items I am showing you, you can get some kind of version from other restaurants but this Deep Fried Egg is something I have never seen before. It is served with broccoli, tahini yogurt and dukkah. After Tom ordered this I needed to get one for myself to try. It was such a creative dish and I really enjoyed trying this. 

    So there you have it, this new beautiful hidden gem, which I cannot wait to visit again. It is one of those places you are so pleased you have found every time a friend wants to go to dinner you want to take them here, to show them how lovely it really is. 

    Do you have a favourite restaurant? Have you tried a Deep Fried Egg? 

    Lots of Love, 

    N x 


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