Tuesday, 12 May 2015

    April Favourites

    A little late, yes, but better late than never. April was a wonderful month, where Split the City really sparked; we attended the Olivier Awards, conducted some very exciting e-mails (keep your eyes peeled) and Nikki turned 21! But among all this chaos we still had time to jot down five things each that we completely fell in love with. Here's Split the City's April favourites:

    Nikki's Choices: 

    1. Dinner Parties. For my 21st birthday I had a dinner party cooked by Dejon with some of my nearest and dearest friends. I really want to start having dinner parties which my friends more often as it is so much fun and avoids constantly eating out (although I love doing that - it isn't always the best for my waistline) read about my birthday dinner party here.

    2. Rimmel BB Cream. I love make up, but nothing too heavy. After reading a lot about BB creams, I knew it was time I should invest. I went for Rimmel's BB cream - beauty balm in the colour medium. This is so light on my skin and is just what I was looking for when investing in a BB cream. It has an SPF of 20 which is ideal ready for my holiday! If you want to buy this product check it out here. 

    3. Smoothies and Juices. Towards the end of April I jumped onto the juice and smoothie hype. And I am so pleased that I did. I have found some super delicious new flavors and visited some new really cool hang outs that serve delicious smoothies. Keep your eyes peeled for Split the City's health week happening around the blog this week and next week featuring my top 5 smoothies/juices.

    4. Brunch! This is a random one to feature but I feel like it really has been a highlight of April. I tried the Ivy on Kings road which you can read about here. And also have been having brunch at home on the weekends. My favourite to have is crushed avocado with poached eggs. It is so so so good,  I could honestly eat it all day every day.

    5. Zoeva make up brushes - another make up feature on my montly favourites. As a birthday present to myself I purchased these Zoeva rose gold make up brushes. And I am so pleased I brought them. They come in this lovely pouch to keep them all together. They were also really fairly priced as make up brushes can add up to be well over £100. You can buy the Zoevea make up brushes here

    Martha's Choices:
    1. Now summer's officially on it's way (thank goodness for the sunny days), I don't have to be weighed down by an abundance of woolly scarves and hats, however, that doesn't mean I can drop my accessories game. Daisy Jewellery is the ideal summer jewels. Their pieces are quaint, subtle and stylish - everything you could ask for from a summer jewel!
    2. This month I've discovered a new cocktail and it has changed my life...no exaggeration (maybe a slight exaggeration). It's called Black Crush and it is divine - my initial favourite has always been a classic White Russian, and this is a sort-of extension of that. It's made with Kraken Rum (sold in supermarkets in the best rum bottle you'll ever witness), vanilla liqueur and raspberries, shaken with lemon and finished with Chambord. The best I've locked lips with was at The Baltic in Southwark, worth a visit for this drink alone. 
    3. I recently invested in the comfiest leggings I will ever own; yes they kind of look like they shouldn't be worn out of the bedroom, but I care not for naysayers! They look great teamed with a chilled white tee, and beat-up old hoody; very East London. 
    They're from Ganni, an affordable designer brand who steer away from the over-worked stuff, and keep the classic accessible to their customers. They won brand of the year at the Danish Elle Style Awards, so expect big things. 
    4. I've only recently heard of Alice Takes a Trip through ASOS, and I think my quality of life has greatly improved since I've adorned myself in their threads. Their pieces are all quirky and fun; perfect for standing out in a crowd but not looking obnoxious as you do it. Originating from Sheffield, we love championing brands for back up north!
    5. The Grain Store in Kings Cross had to get a mention. Its yummy, like so so yummy. Like, it's so yummy. I can't type anymore, I'm drooling. Just go - that's an order!

    What are your April favourites? 

    Lots of love, 

    Split the City x 


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