Monday, 18 May 2015

    A Day to End All Days

    What. A. Day.
    We did it all; food, manicures, shopping, walking, markets, sight-seeing, theatre, breathing... And of course we did it in style! It was a belated celebration of our West London half's (The beautiful Nikki) 21st birthday.

    The day began fresh and early at The Abbeville Kitchen in Clapham South. Clapham tends to split people like Marmite; you adore it or you want to be as far away from it as possible: I tend to fall into the latter group. However, a turn onto Abbeville road offers some quiet solace amidst all the chaos. The streets are lined with adorable shops, and nestled within them is The Abbeville Kitchen.
    It's rustic, simplistic interior is matched with a minimalist  menu, but when the choices are as good as theirs, you'd be overwhelmed with any more options.
    Nikki tucked into a Croque Madame with a freshly squeezed orange juice, whilst Martha indulged in scrambled eggs on toast with a cappuccino. Both were divinely filling and with flavour to boot! And on top of the tasty treats, we can't talk highly enough of the service; personal but not over-bearing. On this special sunny day, it was the perfect spot to dwell, natter and enjoy some really basic, but beautiful, food. 

    No rest for the wicked! As soon as the plates were polished clean, and we'd done some exciting blog planning, we were off again. We set sail for USA Star Nails just next to Clapham South station, although the also have a nail salon in Hampstead. 
    You really step into the glamour, with the walls filled with Essie and OPI polishes contained in cracked glass mirror frames. The tables, floors, and walls are all immaculately white, but the pop of colour in the tiny details, make it a really quirky, fun setting to sit and be pampered. Martha opted for a straight-up manicure (£10), whereas Nikki went for Shellac (£25). 
    To complement her tan, Nikki opted for a sparkly orange coat, whereas Martha kept things basic with an Essie creamy-white. The finished products speak for themselves.
    So the polish had set, and we were off again. We had a gap of time, before our evening plans, and as Martha had never before frequented Portobello Road Market, this seemed like the ideal destination. 
    It's a little too easy to waste away hours upon hours in this lovely corner of the best city on the planet. If you're a foodie, a vintage hoarder, a smoothie nut or an artsy fan, there's a stall for you! There's a wonderful shop on the road called The Appletree Boutique; a complete treasure trove of trinkets, accessories and clothing. 

    The entire day was a joyous occasion, and it didn't end with Portobello Road...make sure you check back for our McQueen write up tomorrow.

    All our love, Split the City x


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