Thursday, 28 May 2015

    3 Favourite Pinterest Boards

    Pinterest is a wonderful place. It has beauty, it has memes, it has really cool interior decor which is next to impossible to recreate... It's a pretty fun place to hang out. So here's a quick little post of my top 3 Pinterest boards!
    To start as off, a picture from one of my own boards...

    Number 1. So Serge
    So Serge is the lifestyle-picture board for the brand Serge Denimes. The pictures all evoke a feeling, an atmosphere, around the cool-vibe on which the fashion brand is based. There are great snaps of models, architecture, art, and everything in between. More than worth a scroll!

    Number 2. Wah Nails
    It's no secret that we're huge fans of some funky nails here at Split the City, and there's few funkier than those created at Wah London. On their Pinterest board, they're available to glare at, giving you your own nails inspo.

    Gotta love a good quote, and it's even better when a fashion power-house has a compilation of them. This board is vibrant, cheerful, girly and fun! If you need a quick fix to get your day going, then this is the perfect remedy!

    So there you have it, my top 3. Which ones would've made your list?

    ....M x


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    Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

    Hi, thank you for your comment on my Bob Bob Ricard experience - I'd love to know the story behind the name

    Victoria x

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