Thursday, 30 April 2015

    Turkish Dalston

    My love of hummus knows no bounds, but upon the realisation that I'd never actually eaten at a Turkish restaurant, I felt like a fraud! This needed to be rectified quickly, and a nicely timed meet-up with my brother proved ideal. He suggested a meet in Dalston!

    My heart lies on the East overground, and so in a matter of minutes I was outside Dalston Junction, clutching a Starbucks of course. Whilst we waited for our third party member (the bro's lovely GF), we popped around the corner to the Arcola Theatre for a refreshing drink in the fading sun.
    Drawn in by the bright logo (I'm a sucker for a good design), I opted to try the lemonade by the Dalston Cola Company, whilst my brother went for Raw Fiyah (ginger beer). With just the right amount of fizz and flavour, it was the perfect start to my East London evening. 
    Then we headed over to Mengal One, our home for the evening; the first thing you see when you work through the door is a lot of meat, and I mean a lot. Like.... a lot. As a vegetarian this wasn't overly encouraging, but when the menu was laid in front of me, my beating heart immediately stilled. Half the menu was veggie options!

    The food was faultless; not too heavy, but enough to have you full to the brim! My veggie option, 'The Mengal Special' consisted of mushroom, aubergine and onion topped with mozzarella, complemented by rice and tomato......and of course we devoured a massive plate of hummus too.
    I'm please we went. I definitely feel I can validate myself as a hummus lover now and, on top of that, I've found a new place to pad out my belly!

    What's your fave place to eat in east?



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