Friday, 17 April 2015

    The Nether

    My lovely mother was in town today so we took a spontaneous trip to the theatre, and it could not have turned out better! We grabbed some tickets from the Duke of York's Theatre box office and settled into our seats for the Thursday matinee of The Nether.

    'The Nether' is the term for the virtual reality system in 2050, which is creeping more to the reality side of things and moving away from the virtual; jobs are in the nether, children go to school in the nether, etc... Different entrepreneurs build different realms to provide a place for people to find lives away from their pretty grim reality. However, a realm named The Hideaway, created by a man named Sims, is raising some moral issues out in the real world, mainly: if a horrific crime is committed in a virtual reality, is the crime even committed at all?
    As we move into a time where technology, and all its faults, are at the very forefront of our day-to-day being, For this reason, The Nether is so very haunting because you can believe wholly in the story; it is a relevant and important piece of theatre which sparks serious debate between the audience.
    Stanley Townsend and Anna Martine lead the cast with conviction and heart, but it was the child actress, Isabella Pappas who truly stood out. She acted with an understanding and depth beyond her age - definitely one to watch out for.
    In turns, The Nether made me feel scared, sad, uncomfortable and inquisitive. What more can theatre offer. I agree with the banners, FIVE STARS!


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