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    March Favourites

    It is crazy how fast 2015 is going, how is it already April? This month brings with it Nikki's 21st birthday, on the 23rd April and she  couldn't be more excited. But today we wanted to share with you our March favourites; we always love reading other bloggers post on their monthly favourites and even watching YouTube videos on it too. We are hoping towards the latter part of the year we can start filming vlogs and videos to post on YouTube!

    So let’s get started:

    Nikki's Choices

    1. My favourite shop for homeware items at the moment is Oliver Bonas, each season they completely get it right and items are really reasonably priced. I am an avid Pinterest user and I enjoy scrolling through house interior photos and hopping onto the new trends. Throughout March there has been lots of copper items popping up and I adore this copper vase which is perfect to hold a single flower or a couple of small flowers bunched together. It no longer seems to be on their website – but if you want to purchase this too, try popping into your nearest store.

    2. I am loving the new Aussie Shower Smoothie. With Australian Macadamia nut oil and smells incredible. They recently have brought out a line of shower gels and because I adore the shampoo and conditioner I couldn't resist purchasing the body wash! 

    3. This is a new buy from Topshop, it’s the Striped Curved Hem Shirt. As we are in spring now and summer is fast approaching I really want to update my wardrobe with some more spring items, but I love this shirt and it is perfect paired with some black skinny jeans or you can make it smart to wear in the office! 

    4. Favourite place to visit this month was the W hotel in Leicester Square. Myself and some friends went here on the last Saturday of March for drinks and had such a great time. There is a photobooth there as well which was so much fun, the drinks were standard for London bars but it has a really cool vibe with a giant disco ball over the bar. I would highly recommend a visit the only downside is if you want to go into the club 'Wild' after drinks in the bar is it is quite small so entry can be difficult especially on a Saturday! 

    Martha's Choices
    1. I found myself constantly dwelling at two foodie places this month; Brockley Mess being one, and Arlo & Moe being the other. Both are nestled away in South East London, between Brockley and Crofton. Each has that homely-hipster vibe to it that a lot of places tend to over do. But what ensures neither of these find themselves on the wrong side of 'quaint' is just how good the food is - especially for veggies! The menus are over flowing with options and the interior decor of both is just so delightful you'll want to waste your hours there. Picture below is the veggie brekkie at Brockley Mess (I was already half way through devouring it when this was taken - but yes, that is halloumi).
     2. There is no excuses for why it has taken me so long to go to Victoria Park, just next to Hackney, but this month I rectified my mistake. It's a great place to get lost and breathe in some fresh air. My companion and I found ourselves on the slides at the (definitely-intended-for-kids) play park. No regrets. One of my favourite days in a while.

    3. My growing obsessions with my nails is no secret. I can now do a damn-good manicure, and am on the verge of accomplishing some passable nail art. However, sometimes you just have to leave it to the professionals. Hence why I found myself getting a shellac manicure at the California Nail Bar in Baker Street. The salon itself is rather small and almost looks a little run-down, but good God do they treat your nails well. A shellac manicure, hand massage, wonderful music and great chat all for a reasonable price! 
    4. March was the month health got serious. My gym tally had an intense spike, and all those endorphin's trickled into my diet too; fitness is a huge part of my life and something you'll see a lot of on the blog. On Winnett Street, Soho, a wonderful smoothie bar is there for all us fitness-freaks, all hours of the day, and that place is Juice Tonic. The smoothies cost a little more than I'd usually find acceptable for liquid, but the clincher here is that they let you opt to have protein powder added into the mix. This boosts your workout and tastes great among all the flavours! God Save Juice Tonic!
    5. I have acquired a new favourite beauty product this month too, AND it's cheap as chips! I rarely wear make-up as...well to be honest I never really learnt how to do it well. So imagine my surprise when I was taking a stroll down Brixton high street and I happened upon my saving grace. Topshop's Magic Liner is a dream come true for all us make-up novices. The felt-tip like end makes it easy to apply, plus it stayed on for a super long time; I could dance the night away fear free! For just £6.50 it's a must have in any handbag! 

    We can't wait to see what April will bring us!

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