Wednesday, 8 April 2015

    Islington Treats

    With the sun shining and birds tweeting, I knew I couldn't let such a gorgeous day pass me by! Impulsively I decided on Islington, grabbed my buddy Ed, and the day was set. Our priority in choosing a cafe was two-fold; it had to look pretty and we had to be able to sit in the sun. The place that delivered? Maison d'etre. 
    This lovely little cafe is positioned directly opposite Highbury and Islington station. It has a diverse menu and staff that throw just the right amount of shoreditch-shade (the polite term for hipster moodiness). The interior is simple and basic, with shabby walls, floors, tables....shabby everything really. This is so no focus is stolen from the food. 
    I ate avocado on rye toast, with rocket, sesame seeds and lemon juice, complemented by a well made mocha. Perfect pit-stop for a sunny day. And if people watching is your thing (it is mine), it's an ideal spot as your so near the station, there's a constant stream of people Yet the dainty vibe they created here means this never feels intrusive.
    Another great find in East London!

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