Monday, 13 April 2015

    B is For

    On this day? B is for Britain and Brixton. I hit up both the Tate Britain and Brixton Market all in one day, and had a hoot (do people still use 'hoot'?).

    Tate Britain was first on the list because it's currently exhibiting Tracey Emin's Bed, and I was absolutely gutted to have missed it the first time around. I adore modern art and for me, Tracey Emin is top of the pops. She is always innovative, daring and honest. Showing the world your messy, dirty bed is such a scary, courageous and soul-baring thing to do; there's a lot to read into it, but you'll have to draw your own conculsions.
    It's just a short walk from the Tate Britain to Pimlico station, where we hopped on and headed for Brixton. I was actually playing tour guide to a few friends, and I'm aware Brixton isn't your usual tourist destination, but I think it has a certain charm in the right areas... especially Brixton Village and Market Row. 
    We began at Lab G with a sweet treat. They serve the yummiest Gelato for a REALLY reasonable £3. I had mint and choc chip (yes you get two big scoops), and it the spring's beautiful sun, it was the perfect kick-start to a fab afternoon.
    From here we moved to Seven; their cocktails are only £5, but go down so smooth, they're obviously made by pros. The rustic interior only adds to the charm, as well as the friendly staff. Definitely a top recommendation for those of you who appreciate the off-the-beaten-track places.
    This was only the beginning of a VERY exciting day... keep your eyes peeled....

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