Tuesday, 6 January 2015

    Date Night

    It has become a 'thing' that Dejon and I believe in having date night. I think it is important to make time to do something nice together regularly - otherwise relationships become tired and each individual becomes lazy. We both have busy schedules so it is super important the time we do have together is spent well.

    So last night was date night! As I have mentioned before Dejon is a chef which makes me super lucky when it comes to having dinner. We decided to stay in and Dejon brought all the food from Wholefoods to cook a starter and main for us. Next time he does this I am going to vlog it as it was really amazing to watch.

    Seafood medley (scallops, cod, squid and prawns)
    ginger, chilli and lobster bisque
    Whole roasted chicken
     mushroom truffle crushed potatoes 

    I can't quite explain how good it tasted. What I love the most was it was all fresh and the bisque was made from scratch. To do this he used lobster shells, ginger, lime, chilli, onion, garlic, carrot, basil, coriander seeds and chicken stock which was heated on the stove and the put into our blender which I blogged about here.

    He blended it up and then sieved it to get out any bits of shell left. Then poured it back into a saucepan adding double cream and butter. We only ended up using 1/4 of the bisque that was blended as it was very rich but so full of amazing flavors. We will pop the rest in the freezer so we can use it up another day - I can't wait already ha.

    So there you have the finished products. Seafood is my go to when eating out so being able to have this starter in my own house was such a treat and a perfect way to start date night! 

    What is your favorite thing to do for datenight? Do you have any good recipes you would like to share?

    Lots of Love,

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